Grandaddy Black Marijuana Seeds

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More About Grandaddy Black (Feminized)

A great seed strain to unwind your passionless mood. Granddaddy Black is a potent and powerful hybrid that is exemplary for amateur and expert growers. It is an indica leaning strain that has been produced with the help of two legendary strains, which were Black Domina’98 and Grandaddy Purple.

This prominent hybrid can present up to 23 percent of THC, a pretty amazing number for a fabulous day followed by a roaring effect that can make your senses float and feel weightless.

Talking about its growing features and structure, Granddaddy Black can be easily grown. Unexpectedly, Granddaddy Black is easy to grow. Its physical representation is very charming and alluring to the eyes. You will be amazed at its deep-purple foliage accompanied by large dense shoots blanketed with gluey-like resin.

Structure wise, Grandaddy Black can rise up to 36 inches in height via an indoor growing setting. Hence, it is ideal when developed through stealth growing. When grown in an outdoor setting, its height may grow higher than 36 inches, which hence can present greater yields. The results can be overwhelming. Granddaddy Black can offer up to 650 grams per plant.

1 review for Grandaddy Black Marijuana Seeds

  1. Albana Andrinek

    Super happy with the outcome. The plant turned out into a lovely plant. And everything went well along the growing journey. Its like a 3 ft tall now, flowerings are awesome. We just going to collect the buds. And ready to try. Thanks for the seed!

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