Gorilla G Lemon Marijuana Seeds

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Gorilla G Lemon Marijuana Seeds is a balanced hybrid with a steep 27 percent THC making it very euphoric, uplifting, and energetic. This is a sticky strain that grows very tall at 200 cm high and can produce good yields up to 500 grams per square meter indoors and up to 500 grams per plant outdoors. Enjoy its pine, lemon, earthy and spicy flavors.

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25 Seeds $240.00
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More About Gorilla Glue Lemon (Feminized)

Gorilla Glue Lemon seed strain is made for expert growers. This may not be a good option for beginners due to their developmental requirements. Yet, it can exhibit a generous yield and a charming and massive resin production. But, with its feminized seeds, the said growing challenges will no longer be a problem.

It can offer buds that possess great and powerful healing features. This was made possible because of its THC level that can rise up to 30 percent. Notwithstanding, it can give a long-lasting effect, which is valuable for recreational and medicinal purposes.

As one of the versatile seed strain, it can be grown in an indoor and outdoor growing condition. It can finish its flowering stage after ten weeks. With the traits and features being bestowed by its lineage genetics, this seed strain can grow broad and huge. Thus, it can flourish when placed in an outdoor environment. It fantasizes about a warm and sunny climate. When given proper care, it can certainly offer great yields, which can go up to 600 grams of buds per plant.

1 review for Gorilla G Lemon Marijuana Seeds

  1. Sebastian Jepsen

    This plan turned out to beast. The best beast that will hit your head. I grow it without any issues. Super easy to grow. Just a little feeder. Moderate thc level. Truly a success for me!

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