Girl Scout Cookies x Blue Head Band Marijuana Seeds

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Girl Scout Cookies x Blue Head Band Marijuana Seeds is a balanced hybrid strain with a high THC at 22%. This is an average-sized plant from 85 to 150 cm high but can produce above-average height. This is an energetic, euphoric, sleepy, relaxing, and hungry strain coupled with its lemon, pine, sweet, earthy, and skunk flavors.

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More About Girl Scout Cookies x Blue Head Band (Feminized)

This seed strain is a well-balanced variety that can undoubtedly offer great effects and conclusions. Thanks to its lineage genetics, that made it possible. Coming from two legendary strain varieties, Girl Scout Cookies and Blue Head Band, it can exhibit perfect delight and euphoria that can proportionate enjoyable and comforting influences.

Being bestowed of amazing traits and characteristics, this seed strain has got it all. Talking about its THC inclusion, it can contain up to 22 percent. Hence, a boosting effect will not only offer a relaxing feeling and happy thought, but it can also provide amusement followed by floating concepts, just like mind-blowing overall sensation.

When it comes to its growing features, the feminized version of Girl Scout Cookies x Blue Head Band is easy to grow. It can be developed by novices and experts. As such, it is very resistant to various plant diseases and infections. Therefore, cultivating it in an outdoor growing environment would not be a big deal at all.

Growing it indoors would not be an issue as well. It prefers a warm and sunny environment, and it can furnish great yields of up to 450 grams per plant that can typically be ideal during the midweek of October.

1 review for Girl Scout Cookies x Blue Head Band Marijuana Seeds

  1. Isabella Simonov

    Growing this so fast. Easy to grow. I like the way it is. So stunning and very healthy plant. Currently on its 4th week. Cheers!

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