Girl Scout Cookies Marijuana Seeds

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Girl Scout Cookies Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with a very high 24% THC. It is a tall plant growing up to 180 cm high and can produce high yields. It is a flavorful strain with lemon, spicy, vanilla, earthy, and sweet flavors. It is calming, sedating, uplifting, relaxing, and creative strain for anxiety, migraines, stress, and arthritis.

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10 Seeds $120.00
25 Seeds $240.00
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More About Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower

The Best Way to Start Baking

Girl Scout Cookies autoflower gratifies the senses while giving satisfying recreational results. Being the matron of the popular Cookies Family, this strain is one of the most marketable strains for breeding and ingestion. It exhibits an earthy, sweet flavor, and remarkable potency that can go up to 22 percent makes it unique from others.

Other than the mentioned unique characteristic, Girl Scout Cookies autoflower form similar to its forerunner. Green leafage wraps the solid branches and little internodal spaces. It bears small to medium-sized dense buds with plenty of flickering trichomes. The strain takes an illustrious purple tinge if left open to cold night climates.

Girl Scout Cookies autoflower is primarily of earthy fragrance. Nonetheless, the strain also has clear traces of nutmeg and sweet vanilla, which provides it an element of kick that bakes the nasal cavity. Also, the strain creates a more diverse taste.

1 review for Girl Scout Cookies Marijuana Seeds

  1. Katja Durr

    Do you know that this cannabis growing is one of my hobby. I love the strain I chose now because its quite unique among them. I love how this bushy plant grow. The yield is great and fine. I can say a quality genetics. So I will recommend this one to others. 5 Stars!

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