G13 Regular

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G13, also recognized as ‘Government Indica Strain 1,’ is an indica inclined hybrid renowned for its strong quality and stimulation. It tastes quite wood and aromatic, so it’s nice to love such herbal and herby-tasting strains. In fact, this strain is common in the medicinal cannabis industry and definitely works for migraine headaches, muscle aches, and joint pain.

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G13 Strain Characteristics

G13 is not a strain suited to covert consumers. You could put it in a sealed bag and still could get a little skunky smell. It has a distinctly sweet scent and more than a touch of delicious cheesiness. Put on a wild berry fragrance, and you have a fairly special tasting strain of weed. Many people love the delicious taste of pine, which helps to set it apart from the rest of the strains you’re going to use in your lifetime. There are also moss-covered and woody flavors blended in. If you add a touch of creaminess, you have a strain worthy of tasting yourself. The strong, happy characteristics of this strain make it an excellent, pleasant smoke. It is an effective mood-lifter and is also indicated for patients suffering from depression and anxiety. G13 will help you open up and liberate yourself from the destructive feelings that you can hold.G13 is also the right strain for those who will like to better relieve their discomfort. It is also helpful in the management of headaches and can eliminate a number of pain disorders, such as muscle spasms, knee pain, and chronic migraine headaches. This combination is also excellent for promoting sleep, due to its powerful tranquilizing capabilities. The suggestion is that the G-men have evolved pure Afghan clones numbered from G1 to G23. Although each clone had somewhat different characteristics, G13 was supposedly the most stable. Then a breeder identified Neville Schoenmaker approached an unidentified rebel lab technician who was ready to unleash G13 and obtained a single sample of this new strain distributed across the United States.

G13 Strain Effects

This amazing strain has a lot of good results, and that’s why it’s valued. G13 is going to relax you in a huge way – it’s going to clear you of all the tension that you may have and help you focus right here right now and that’s only going to take you to a happier mindset.G13 is excellent at infusing a lot of fun into your life. This hybrid would inspire you to hang out and just enjoy your time, to interact with your mates, and to be sociable and fun. You should expect a sense of pleasure when you smoke this enigmatic strain, with a ringing and calming head high. If you’re waiting for something to elevate you, that’s the strain you’ve been looking for. G13 is a strong indica-dominant cigarette, which always makes you feel tired, but if you smoke a little extra of this nice bud before going to bed, you can anticipate gently drift into a joyful and rejuvenating sleep.G13 is incredibly strong, so a little goes a long way, particularly when you’re a beginner. At first, you can feel energized, but then the Indica factor hits in and you feel infinitely more comfortable. Luckily, G13 does not cause a couch-lock, but a controlled high may contribute to euphoria.

What Growers Need to Know About G13 Strain

G13 is a strain that excels outdoors or indoors. Consider using the Sea of Green (SOG) preparation strategy if you are interested in growing massive buds by indoor weeds. We suggest leaving a huge amount of space among branches to allow room for these buds to expand, and also to ensure a good flow of air. Try pruning your G13 seed, just try to ensure you harvest a little at a period or risk leaving your plants in shock.G13 is likely to withstand daytime temperatures as low as sixty-five degrees Fahrenheit, and even thrives when the temperature of your growing room is as high as eighty-five degrees. When developing outdoors, you will take advantage of the fact that this strain treats lower daytime temperatures smoother than most pot varieties. Outdoor farmers will enjoy better yields than their indoor counterparts because they will excel when they have space to spread out. In addition, it rises so tall that you need to raise it throughout the flowering process. It’s a heavy feeder, so make sure you have a lot of phosphorus, potassium, and phosphorous. Outdoors, G13 is ready to be harvested late in the season, at the end of October, or even at the beginning of November. G13 will grow an amazing 40 ounces of bud per plant outside, making it easier to mass-produce it. Indoor farmers don’t lose out on yield. Its flowering time is 10 weeks, and indoor growers could see yields of up to 21 ounces per square meter cultivated.

G13 Regular Strain Specifications

Type : Indica
Climate : Indoor/ Outdoor
Yield : 250 – 400 g/m2
Height : up to 4 feet
Flowering : 63 days
Stone : Relaxing and provides a good buzz
THC level : 25%
Grow : Moderate

5 reviews for G13 Regular

  1. Antun Ivanović

    When all of my friends are growing seeds, and they told me there’s a lot of benefits when you hit. I ordered 10 seeds for me to try too. So I started planting it, with the help of my friends. It will take a months before to harvest. But then finally I got beautiful buds. Awesome. Thanks for the quality seeds!

  2. Avenall David

    The genetics are excellent, resistant plants and with an excellent yield. Considering the high quality. The high is Intensely mellow, it has a way of oscillating within you, and completely get past you, but it remains a very nice and uplifting high. I recommend it to anyone.

  3. Troy Harris

    I am totally hooked with its strong high effects! I need not use a lot just to get high. This is just incredible! Me and my friends decided to grow more of this since we started growing this in our backyards when quarantine happened. I did a lot of observations. I was able to verify that it is easy to grow, and it flowers fast. After 8 weeks, they all grew strong at approximately 20-21 inches high. So I must say, I did well. But I know its mainly because I found the right strain. Thank you MJ Seeds

  4. Albert Cane

    G Thirteen Regular deserves 10 out of 10! First, I love that it grows really fast and strong; you will have the value for your money for this. Second, this lets you experience that kind of euphoria that’s just too awesome! And lastly, it has very astounding effects on your disposition. I am getting more of this this time!

  5. Jude Marcell

    Heard so much about G13 so I decided to try it out myself. I am super contented with the results! Got a big yield around 450g per plant. Responded quite nicely to my HID 5×5 setup. Buds were fat and juicy, not the biggest size though. They tasted rather hashy and woody, nice floral undertones which was a pleasant bonus. The nugs smelled super rich and earthy, one of the most pungent in my garden. It is a classic indica indeed, very sedating and relaxing strain. Got some strong body hits that got me all lazy. Got a bit of a hangover when I woke up but no biggie. Loved it!

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