Early Skunk Marijuana Seeds

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Early Skunk Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain popular for its high THC. It is a tall plant with good yields and can flower early at 8 weeks. This is a creative, energetic, focused, and relaxing strain that can grow even in cold environments. A true classic beginner strain to grow.

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25 Seeds $240.00
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More About Early Skunk (Feminized)

A resilience and potent variant, Early Skunk, is a seed strain that can deliver an utmost and rewarding yield. One of the strongest, it can thrive, may it be in an indoor or outdoor growing environment. Resiliency wise, it can survive even in the rainy season.

Being with a very potent structure, it has the ability to fight against various plant infections and diseases. Its buds won’t go unnoticed. It can develop up to an average size plant with dense flowers coated with glazing trichomes. Its stony character can surely be a lure as it can offer a great boosting effect that can be very relaxing.

Presenting its composition, it can carry up to 22 percent of THC. Given its feminized version, its growing ease has even become easier. The task of separating females from males can be used to a more important task for it to generate good and quality buds.

1 review for Early Skunk Marijuana Seeds

  1. Fryderyk Adamczyk

    What a beautiful plant for me. These seeds amazingly turned out into success. It grows bigger and healthier without any hindrance on it. Automatically put some nutrients in the soil and took a lot of effort. And now, I got huge pretty budz here. What can I ask for?Excellent!

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