Early Girl Feminized

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Early Girl Feminized is very easy to grow strain, a mostly-indica cannabis strain that’s perfect for beginners. This strain is resilient as it can grow indoors or outdoors. It is resistant to pest and mold. You will also love this strain’s very strong taste and smells somethings that can instantly get you hooked.

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Early Girl Feminized Strain Details

  • This strain is known to be consistent, resilient, and dependable Indica dominant marijuana, which is known since the eighties to produce an incredible harvest of chunky, fat buds that are covered with trichomes and loaded with its active ingredient, THC.
  • The plant is an easy yet hearty grower that can easily thrive as long as it was given regular water, a fair amount of nutrients, and of course, direct sunlight.
  • Early Girl is perfect for noncommercial growers wherein even amateur growers can easily cultivate them at home including in sunrooms, balconies, terraces, and the like.
  • The strain is given to patients who are suffering from extreme pain, stress and anxiety, loss of appetite, and even those with insomnia.

Note for Growers
Early Girl is classified as one of the easiest weed to grow in one’s place, especially for noncommercial growers. However, it requires proper nutrients, regular water, and direct access to sunlight which is why it is highly recommended to grow them outdoors, even with minimal spaces such as rooftops and balconies. When given the right care, expect the plant to reward you with something more like a higher yield of amazing buds that gives a smooth and long-lasting buzz.

Early Girl Feminized Strain Specifications

Type : Mostly Indica
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor / Greenhouse
Yield : 500 – 750 g
Height : 150 – 180 cm
Flowering : 50 days
Stone : Stoney / High
THC level : High
Grow : Easy

3 reviews for Early Girl Feminized

  1. Timothy Battaglia

    A excellent strain for a first grow that’s fairly handy to to look after. I’m certainly happy with the exceptional and the quantity of produced buds in the end. Really satisfied with this strain as this will be my medicine to treat my insomnia. All in all, exceptional experience and superb feeling!!!

  2. Talon Lepage

    It’s my first yield. It was relatively easy grow, and plants was healthy most of the time and very resilient. I have nothing to compare this to! Fantastic strain with relaxing and sleep inducing effects. One of my favorite strains to smoke before going to bed.

  3. Samuel K.

    If you tried to take care other ordinary plant, no difference with this strain. Water it, nurture and direct sunlight are what you need to do then you’ll be surprised in return. Expect to harvest a strong,big buds. Gain average height with large yield. Already had my first try, a mild buzz with overjoyed feeling but not totally wasted. Just right to fight depression and anxiety. Kinda feel the sweet taste! refreshing citrus smoke.

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