Crystal Regular

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Crystal Regular is an indica-dominant marijuana strain with medium THC and fun-fruity flavors. This strain is tiny, starting to grow only up to 90 cm tall, but can create quality yields from 400 to 500 grams per plant indoors and 750 grams outdoors. You’re going to love the aroma of Crystal as it’s symbolic of pine, nice, and petrol.

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Crystal Strain Characteristics

This is a very nice sample, with a compact but not block structure, a healthy light green stain, and a patently absurd trichome coating. The code name for this strain, “Crystal Gayle” is definitely fitting, as it sparkles with globe-headed, mainly transparent trichomes, appearing as though it had been painted with shimmer. This strain had a pleasantly sharp and strong citrus cleaner quality, often dabbling in the common Diesel range. It even had some traces of soil and oak, rendering it a well-rounded array of pleasant aromas. This strain had a relatively mediocre flavor was definitely not bad, but it just didn’t catch us in the way we expected after the aroma. It had most of the same components, they weren’t as intense or as visible as a slightly sweet pineapple Haze taste with a touch of cleaner sharpness. Most of the time, it seemed to reach the head to start, causing you a buzzing sensation across the crown of the head, a small rise in eye/brow tension, some ear-popping, and a bit of a light head. Before you knew, this pressure also seems to raise out of the couch and into a series of tasks requiring a reasonable amount of concentration—it had instances of mild roots but generally, it was very relaxed. That seems to be a bit of a “creeper” construct in effect for 30 minutes, as it had a full complement of results, including intensely swollen eyes. Almost trance-like at days probably being really medicated and comfortable, it made us feel functional. It has managed to maintain mental clarity for the entire period. Despite the high levels of mental relaxation, it didn’t seem to allow a lot of muscle pain, but it showed some promise to stimulate the desire. A smooth descent, where power cycled on and off in waves, ended things, causing you to feel conscious and peppy at the end.

Crystal Strain Effects

The Crystal strain takes a few minutes to develop its results, but it’s worth a little bit of waiting. The fairly high THC content is a pleasingly delirious ride for just about all. As the buzzing kicks in you can first experience a raised, floating feeling as the euphoric feeling sets in. It’s coming in from the back of your head to cover your entire body. When available, the booming, leaping bliss of Crystal is unlikely to be mistaken. Any analysis of the Crystal cannabis strain will be insufficient without considering the effects on the body. The high body of Crystal immediately follows the high tail of the head. You’ll find that your muscles are calming as the well-established, lightly sedative body buzz vanishes away your doubts and pains. It’s a loose, simple low-stress encounter that will make you relaxed on your couch all night long. Combined with an increased euphoric head, Crystal is the ideal option for long, cold evenings with friends, treats, and a great film.

What Growers Need To Know About Crystal Strain

The Crystal marijuana strain is one of the most easily grown strains. It’s not selective; you can cultivate it outdoors or hydroponically. Efficient in increased training conditions, increasing in SCROG, and even developing in SOG when trimmed daily. Indoor plants are about four feet high, although outdoor plants can potentially start dropping to nine feet with extra light. The strain is relatively bushy but can expand vertically under the right circumstances. You can maintain it in a small grow room if you teach it well – just be ready to cut it once a week or so when it’s going. Sea of Green growth can also deliver excellent results, Lollipopping is a smart option, as it will cope with the flow of air. The buds formed by Crystal are thick, wide, and fully covered in trichomes. This leads to an increased risk of mildew in incredibly high moisture. Luckily, the Crystal strain is fairly vulnerable to pesticides and can cope with mildly warm climates. Just keep the humidity below 60%. Start with high-quality seeds for optimal outcomes.

Crystal Regular Strain Specifications

Type : Indica-dominant
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : 200-300g indoor
550g outdoor
Height : 100-120 cm indoor
190-250 cm outdoor
Flowering : 50 – 70 days
Stone : Strong and long-lasting
THC level : 15 – 20%
Grow : Easy to Moderate

5 reviews for Crystal Regular

  1. Blago Hrvatin

    Suffering from any chronic pains?Have you heard about what medical cannabis can do to your help? If you are not aware, this weeds do really help to our illnesses. Just like me, I have always muscle pain, but this strain I chose to plant, eases the pain. It made me more comfortable and so relaxing. I did not regret buying their seeds. They only offer quality genetics! Cheers!

  2. Arber Lafrenière

    Extremely simple to grow, took a lot of beginner blunders and still produced. Too sympathetic plant, unquestionably a charming encounter in general. I had no issues with her. I took care of her extremely light and reaped somewhat early, yet was still charmingly shocked by the amount she yielded. Practically tastes much the same as it smells. Delightful!

  3. David Frank

    Crystal Regular may be small, but it definitely is incredible! Prior to harvest week, my 80 CM plant already produced a significant amount of good yields. During harvest week, I was just smiling all the time. You can never go wrong by using this!

  4. Larry Grant

    Thank you so much MJ seeds for distributing this wonderful strain that keeps on exhibiting its amazing qualities. It’s genetics makes it grow so fast, you’ll be surprised that without waiting that much, you’ll ve experienciing the kind of harvest that would surely put a smile on your face! 5/5 for this one!

  5. Mark Arnold

    Crystal Regular shines among the rest with it’s very potent high THC content that makes its trichomes sparckle. Many of my customers are looking for this one because aside from its recreational benefits, it has medical benefits, too – it helps people with epilepsy. It is multi-purpose and it has the perfect set of genetics that are all impressive.

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