Critical x Cheese Candy Marijuana Seeds

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Critical x Cheese Candy Marijuana Seeds is a mostly indica cannabis strain with high THC at 18%. It is a tall plant growing from 200 to 300 cm high with a whopping 1300 grams per plant outdoors and up to 500 grams per square meter indoors. This hybrid is relaxing, creative, calming, sleepy, and uplifting with delectable lemon and cheese flavors.

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25 Seeds $240.00
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More About Critical x Cheese Candy (Feminized)

A beautiful and uplifting variant, Critical x Cheese Candy, is a seed strain that leans towards its indica genes. One of the great varieties for day time and night time use, its buds can certainly deliver an alluring aroma with hints of cheese and lemon. Its distinguished terpene outlines an overpowering smoke that you wouldn’t want to miss.

One can generate dense buds with overflowing juicy trichomes followed by lively pistils. Talking about its effects, this seed strain can offer a stimulating and artistic mind buzzing high that can ease anxiety and stress. Its relaxing vibe can alleviate body-related pains and difficulties.

Much for its recreational and medicinal value, this seed strain is very easy to grow. It can be developed in any given environment. With its feminized version, its ease in growing has even become easier. Every cultivator should be prepared for its awarding yields as it can generate massive harvest.

1 review for Critical x Cheese Candy Marijuana Seeds

  1. Stefanie Boehm

    Very pleasing plant. I believe this is a feeder. Its a big challenge for me to have a successful result. And I am happy with the outcome. Huge hairy buds. The effects are great!

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