Critical x AK47 Marijuana Seeds

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Critical x AK47 Marijuana Seeds is a fast-flowering, high THC strain. This is a balanced hybrid with 20% THC. It is a small plant but can produce up to 550 grams per square meter. It will bloom in just 6 weeks and will produce earthy, sweet, vanilla, and tropical-flavored fat buds.

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25 Seeds $240.00
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More About Critical x AK47 Autoflower

A Palatable and Aromatic Strain

Critical x AK47 autoflower offers the best things about Indica and Sativa. As to how its name implies, this strain is the result of crossing Critical and AK47. It is needless to say that Critical x AK47 autoflower has an incredible lineage.

Growing Critical x AK47 autoflower is a pure pleasure to the cultivators. Reaching a height that is only 70 to 110 centimeters once completely mature, indoor growers will never have to worry about the space. Its huge, Critical-likeness buds will also not do any harm to its strong and thick branches. From seedling to harvest, growers will have a shorter waiting time which is normally around 11 to 13 weeks.

If grown in a regulated setting, the use of carbon filters is important to keep the cultivation discreet. Also, the use of hydroponics or soil as a medium is the most beneficial.

1 review for Critical x AK47 Marijuana Seeds

  1. Oliwier Simpson

    Bought 5 seeds for me to begin. Thank for this product. It got an amazing yield. And got me surprised with its height. Excellent seed for me!

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