Critical Mass x Cheese Candy Marijuana Seeds

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Critical Mass x Cheese Candy Marijuana Seeds is a mostly-indica cannabis strain that grows very tall from 200 to 300 cm high. Because of its height, this hybrid can produce from 700 to 1300 grams per plant outdoors and from 450 to 500 grams per square meter indoors. This is a calming, creative, focused, and happy strain with delicious cheese and lemon flavors.

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More About Critical Mass x Cheese Candy (Feminized)

With pleasant citrus, cheese, and sugary character, Critical Mass x Cheese Candy is a seed strain that comes with a savory terpene. It is the result of pollinating two fabulous strains Critical and Cheese Candy. Its lineage reputation has ruled over in obtaining the hearts of cannabis users and cultivators as it has become one of the preferences.

This seed strain can develop with solid and compact buds followed by overflowing and fascinating trichomes. Its splendid foliage and vibrant green leaves will surely give great impressions. With its indica heritage, you can expect that it can grow small. Hence, it is one of the seed strains that is a perfect candidate for stealth growth. Notwithstanding its stature, it can still be grown in an indoor or outdoor growing environment.

However, the number of yields will depend on its growing setting. But surely, it can finish its flowering phase after 8 weeks with up to 550 grams of delicious buds per plant with no further worries from environmental factors due to its resiliency. A great and reliable seed strain that can be of value not only in the recreational means but also for medicinal reasons.

1 review for Critical Mass x Cheese Candy Marijuana Seeds

  1. Bolesław Szczepański

    Growing cannabis is one of the best adventurous thing to do. Besides I’ve read a lot of benefits of using cannabis. So I grow at my backyard. I was thankful because it was a great success. I have a monster plant with a height of 40 inches at 2 weeks only. Extreme genetics. More Power to your company!

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