Critical 47 Marijuana Seeds

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More About Critical 47 (Feminized)

A flavorful variant with growing stability, Critical 47 is a seed strain with a tempting aroma and character. As a result of pollinating two delicious strains Critical Mass and AK-47, this variety has acquired greatly admired trait and impression.

With its indica heritage, its potent and robust structure can thrive in an indoor and outdoor growing environment far from pest proliferation that can cause root damage. Notwithstanding its potential to its users, it can deliver a sedating and calming feeling as a depressant from all fatigues and exhaustion created by everyday living.

Boasting its aromatic peach and mango frame, it is best grown in an indoor growing setting far from noisy neighbors due to its strong scent. Nourishing it in a controlled setting can make it boost its yield with high-quality buds. Moreover, its medicinal value won’t remain silent as it is highly capacitated in helping those with lethargy and insomnia.

1 review for Critical 47 Marijuana Seeds

  1. Pierpont Metivier

    Decent yield and exceptionally sharp. I love the smell! It hits extremely smooth and with a trace of peach and mango persistent flavor. I also have been dealing with insomnia and this strain made me feel uplifted and at ease. Loved the aroma, flavor, and strength.

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