Cherry Pie Marijuana Seeds

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Cherry Pie Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with high THC and good yields. It is a calming, creative, relaxing, uplifting, and euphoric strain with blueberry, citrus, sweet, berry, and earthy flavors that you’ll surely enjoy. Cherry Pie can also be used as a medical strain for pain, insomnia, depression, anxiety, migraines, and stress.

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More About Cherry Pie (fem) 

Type: Feminized
Genotype: Granddaddy Purple x Durban Poison
THC Content: 20-26% THC

Cherry Pie is an Indica dominant hybrid with very relaxing effects that can soothe away any tension and stress in the body. In the medical field, it is also used to relieve pain and cure inflammatory problems. This strain is so deliciously smelling with a very enticing scent of cherries. It also treats the palate with a sweet flavor that resembles a sweet cherry pie.

This strain grows medium-sized and grows best in warm climates. It grows big colas, which are its crowning glory. It is relatively easy to grow and requires less growing regimens. It can be grown indoors and outdoors and also in greenhouses. It can be planted in organic soil, but most expert cannabis prefers to grow them via Sea of Green or SOG, which works best for Cherry Pie and produce high-quality yield.

1 review for Cherry Pie Marijuana Seeds

  1. Frida Koch

    The most fulfilling journey for me was when I finally have my own plant. I grow a 5 seed pack and currently on its 2nd week now. I am so happy now that was able to grow at my own. Thanks for the advises and for the fast shipping of yours. . The plant is very potent and had a good yield. Waiting for its harvesting day! +A

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