California Dream Feminized

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California Dream Feminized is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with dense buds coated with thick resin. It is a fantastic strain capable of producing high yields up to 800 grams per plant outdoors despite its small to average size. It also blooms faster at just 8 weeks after germination. You’ll grow minty, sweet, skunky, and pungent-flavored buds in no time.

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California Dream Feminized Strain Details

  • This type of marijuana strain which contains a high citrusy flavor gives its smoker a more interesting and refreshing feeling. What more with an added touch of sweet and minty flavor associated with this, more satisfaction will be provided to the smoker.
  • It gets its name from where it has originated. Thus, California was attached to its name because it is where its roots came from.
  • To attain maximum harvest output of California Dream Feminized, the grower must follow the proper guidelines presented to ensure high yield. That is why; it is recommended that it is only grown by experts who have sufficient knowledge in growing this. On the other hand, non-beginners will also do as long as they can follow the correct steps because failure to comply with the proper steps will not give one higher amount of produce for a certain period covered.
  • It can be grown both outdoor and indoor. But what is highly suggested is for it to be planted in an indoor environment where the temperature is just enough and the needed nutrients are present for it to survive. Should one decide to grow it outdoor, precautionary measures must be considered to make it sustainable. Thus, if one plans to plant it in an outdoor environment, one must see to it that the climate is tropical.
  • Since it blooms or it produces flowers in around eight weeks from the day of the plantation, then the practical time to reap the harvest is by the month of October.
  • If the plants being planted are 100% female, the probability of these strains of cannabis seeds to produce male flowers is high.

Note for Growers
This marijuana strain can give the grower satisfactory amount of harvest if the grower employ the appropriate method in planting this. With proper implementation of correct procedures in planting, getting high produce is possible. Trusting experts to grow this is the most recommended course of action to take. With their sufficient knowledge on the do’s and don’ts of this marijuana strain, high yield will be expected. Moreover, even if it can be grown both in an indoor and outdoor environment, it is still best if one choose to plant it indoor where it can get the needed nutrients necessary for its growth. Indoor environment is the most preferred place that most growers choose to grow because it is what gives them more yields. However, when planting it outdoor the climate must be considered.

California Dream Feminized Strain Specifications

Type : Indica/Sativa
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : 500-700 g/m2
Height : 50-75cm
Flowering : 8-12 Weeks
Stone : Upper Body High
THC level : 23.9%
Grow : Moderate

2 reviews for California Dream Feminized

  1. Neville Duval

    Solid genetics make this astounding strain very simple to grow. Now on my 3rd week, got no problem at all. They grown very healthy. I cant wait to see how it flowers and how the buds looks like. Nice plant and I really did not have to pay too much attention to her.

  2. Diana Tan

    Everything is great all seeds have germinated and no waste at all! This plant is very well to grow to SOG. I got to have a very amazing big dense buds with this strain. California drees has a very delicious taste and gave me a very relaxing high. I will surely buy again!

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