Bubblelicious Feminized

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Bubblelicious Feminized is another indica-dominant strain that everyone has to try. It is a popular strain that has a long history of greatness, originated and developed in the Midwest of the USA, and was transported to the Netherlands in 1990 where it first became known in Europe.

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Characteristics and Features

Bubblelicious Feminized is a gorgeous-looking strain which has a medium height and produces solid branches. When it reaches its full potential, its bright green buds will be covered in thick, pink and bright orange pistils, surrounded by clusters of sparkling trichomes, all gleaming with potency.

Its THC content of 15% – 18% makes it good not just for experienced users but also for beginners and produces an experience that is one for the books.

The smell and flavor of this special strain are hard to overlook. Consumers love how its scent changes from rolling a joint until the joint is being lighted. When rolling a joint, the scent is reminiscent of that mouth-watering sweet strawberry candy that you can’t get enough of. Once the joint is lighted, prepare for the smell of bubblegum, strawberry, and fresh flowers filling the whole space of your room.


Smoking this strain increases the level of your energy and creativity. This promises a euphoric effect that makes you talkative, relatable, and engaging while being so relaxed. You will easily steal everyone’s attention because it keeps you in a happy disposition.

With it’s THC content, you will enjoy the benefits of bidding goodbye to your stress and depression. Also, you will experience a more improved sleep, as it treats insomnia.

With Bubblelicious Feminized, your cannabis sessions will never be the same.

What Growers Need to Know

Bubblelicious Feminized is relatively easy to grow. It can grow both indoors and outdoors, but due to its preference for cold climate, indoor cultivation that ensures a more controlled environment is a more preferred growing option so it will reach its fullest potential.

Expect that 8-10 weeks after the vegetative stage, you will witness it transforming into a fully-grown plant that produces flowers, much to your delight.

What awaits you is an abundant harvest as it promises 400g -500g crops per square meter.

With Bubblelicious Feminized, cross out accidental pollination from your list of worries because all plants are 100% guaranteed to grow all Female.

Don’t miss the wonders that Bubblelicious Feminized has to offer. You will be surprised at how it improves your life in so many levels!

Bubblelicious Feminized Strain Specifications

Genetics : Big Bud x Skunk #1
Variety : Hybrid – consists of both indica and sativa traits, but predominantly indica
THC Content : 15% – 18%
CBD Content : N/A
Yield : 400g – 500g per square meter
Flowering Period : 8-10 weeks
Cultivation : Intended for indoor cultivation, but can be grown outdoors
Flavor : Sweet, Earthy, Flowery
Effect : Euphoric, Relaxed, Uplifted, and Relieves stress, depression, and insomnia
Grow Difficulty : Easy to Grow

5 reviews for Bubblelicious Feminized

  1. ElBarnes

    With the exception of a couple of seeds they all came up and are currently flourishing under the grow light. I feed grow nutes for the first week after i flip before switching to bloom nutes. Plants look healthy, not sure how buds will look but we are on the right track for success!

  2. Xavier Vincent

    I’m truly content with this strain as a medical seeker. The smell is truly sweet, bubblegum flavor. I like the indica high, and it truly quiets you down. The grow went simple. I’m an amateur in grower. Will grow this strain again without a doubt!

  3. Gregory williams

    This cannabis plant is so big when you propagate it! I like its sweet bubblegum-like taste and scent! Its never easy to grow but at the end of your crop it would gave you a satisfying feeling. This strain has a lot to offer therapeutically.

  4. Dean Frank

    Say goodbye to sleepless nights when you try Bubblelicious fem. This strain has the perfect set of medical benefits that would surely improve your quality of life and output when use well. One more good thing about it is that it’s fruity flavor makes its more pleasurable to use. Your smoking sessions will become so much better with this!

  5. Frank L

    Bubblelicious Fem is trichome producing machine! It’s infamous buds are resinous as ever, showcasing its amazing genetics. Growers like me love strains like this who strikes a good balance between the recreational and medical benefits. I will buy more of this this time. Testing the waters is done. This is the real deal!

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