Blue OG Marijuana Seeds

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Blue OG Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with good yields and faster flowering. It is a euphoric, giggly, energetic, focused, and relaxing strain, which is why it’s popular as medicinal cannabis for conditions like stress, pain, migraines, depression, insomnia, arthritis, and anxiety. Consumers also love its berry, blueberry, citrus, and pine flavors.

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More About Blue OG (Feminized)

A result of pollinating Blueberry, Blue Moonshine, and OG Kush, Blue OG is a seed strain wrapped with wonderful attributes. A true and eminent superstar, this variant has won various cannabis cups in entire Europe and other countries. It can develop into an average size plant with a compact structure, ideal for any growing environment.

Notwithstanding its small edifice, this seed strain can generate a great number of yields with graded buds that are overloaded with resin. Its majestic aroma and flavor are another thing that can give a breath-taking experience with hash and fruity hints. Given its indica dominancy, it is highly cerebral that can relax the entire body with soft high and striking body buzz.

As its flowers bloom, experience an all-surrounded skunk and spicy fragrance that is certainly attractive. Moreover, its THC can’t go overlooked as it can deliver up to 19 percent, which is perfect for morning through night time use.

1 review for Blue OG Marijuana Seeds

  1. Christien Beaulé

    The plant did grow well that did not need much feeding. All leaves are fresher without even drying out even direct to higher temp.The thc level is quite moderate and suits me. Everything is excellent. Quality seeds!

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