Blue Mystic Feminized

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Blue Mystic Feminized is a mystifying strain created by combining a Northern Lights and a Blueberry. This is an indica-dominant cannabis strain that can grow to an average height. But despite this, it can produce good yields. Blue Mystic also flowers fast as early as 7 to 9 weeks, and because it’s feminized, you have no more problems with male plants.

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Blue Mystic Feminized Strain Details

  • A Cannabis plant that is characterized by a fruity or herbal flavor. In terms of the buds that it produces, it greatly depends on the amount of light it receives. Giving it sufficient exposure to light will give one more preferable bud quality. Blue Mystic Feminized has heavy buds in shiny shades of blue.
  • To expect a successful result, it must be planted indoors. Its high sensitivity to other factors that can affect its growth must be well considered. Factors like proper light exposure and types of fertilizers applied to where it grows to contribute much to the success rate of planting this. Since it is feminized, it is expected that the buds will grow for the harvest.
  • Its growth pattern resembles that of a North Light where distinctive appearance sprouts on its strains creating that of a shade of blue. Once smoked it taste like berry or some fruity taste. When used, it gives an extraordinary feeling to the user. Giving them a relaxing effect in almost all parts of their body. It will certainly bring one into a state of calmness and tranquillity not just at one part but all over.
  • One advantage in choosing to plant Blue Mystic Feminized marijuana seeds is the neutral smell it produces: some kind of indistinctive aroma that it gives during the flowering stage.
  • The desired result can be acquired depending on the length of time before the grower decided to harvest the feminized Blue Mystic. This is what determines what to expect from the harvested crop.
  • When harvested during the 8th week period, the berry/fruity odor that it produces are extremely noticeable.
    However, when the plant is not harvested for about two weeks more, it may eliminate the odor but it will certainly add more effects to the user’s body by boosting up its feature.
  • In order to achieve the maximum level of effectiveness and benefits, considering the proper time when to harvest and what flavor are you anticipating is highly advised. The grower must know the exact period before reaping it to attain the optimum yield of the crop.

Note for Growers
When it is done appropriately and correctly, the desired output will be acquired. By following the proper time for harvest, the grower can expect to produce excellent quality of the flavor of the crop to be harvested which can be likened to that of fresh juice.

Blue Mystic Feminized Strain Specifications

Type : Mostly Indica
Climate : Indoor
Yield : 350-450 g/m2
Height : Up to 120cm
Flowering : 7-9 weeks
Stone : Relaxing Effect
THC level : 12%
Grow : Easy

2 reviews for Blue Mystic Feminized

  1. Troy Duplessis

    I have ordered many times from MJ Seeds Canada, Every time great quality seeds, 100% germination. The plant has a good height. Easy to grow under led lights definitely going to get more of these seeds. The smoke from this strain is amazing and the effects are really good it has relaxing effect.

  2. Justin Robbs

    Very well trusted online shop! All my orders were packed discreet and arrived in just a couple of days. High quality seeds, also this strain are very pleasant that gave me a very good results! The buds are rich of resins, so thick and very firm. Also this strain smells really good. Thanks you the great strain/seeds MJ Seeds Canada.

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