Blue Fruit Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

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Blue Fruit marijuana seeds are an Indica-dominant strain that will give the users a moderate-high of cerebral and relaxing properties. The effects from this weed strain are potent but not exceedingly overwhelming due to its average THC content. Prepare yourself for a stimulating balance of euphoric and uplifting qualities while deeply enjoying its relaxing characteristics. This strain is a grower’s dream as they are quick to flower and produce excellent yields. Although small in stature, expect a generous yield of 450 grams when growing these weed strains indoors.

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Blue Fruit Autoflowering Characteristics

Blue Fruit Marijuana strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid that brings the best of both worlds to the user. It offers deep relaxation mixed in it some subtle cerebral high which is loved due to its moderate and not overwhelming high. With THC levels that average out at 19%, expect a potency that will give the users a deeply sedated feeling while happily enjoying this flavorful cannabis strain. Blue Fruit strain’s genetic lineage comes from the colorful Mexican Purple and 2 popular and potent landrace strains, Afghani and Thai. This is the perfect weed for newer growers as they don’t require much technical cultivation skill for this weed to thrive.

Blue Fruit Autoflowering Effects

At the onset, a quick-hitting euphoria will beset the user’s mind. A wave of mellow tingling will start high and will slowly intensify into a blissful headspace, uplifting the user’s moods and allowing them to focus attentively on things around them. As joyful thoughts fill the user’s mind, they are slowly being led to an enjoyable calm demeanor. The user is now in a completely sedated state of relaxation and an intense feeling of lethargy will wrap the user’s entire physical being making him immobile yet fully alert in his senses. This high will eventually lead them to a deep, undisturbed slumber.

What Growers Need to Know About Blue Fruit Autoflowering Seeds

The Blue Fruit can be grown by even novice cultivators but it has the difficulty of being a moderate plant to grow. They can be grown indoors or outdoors. They are fairly short that grow only to a maximum of 3 feet in height, but pruning of the lower branches and leaves are highly recommended to promote better air circulation within the plant and allow light to penetrate deep into the inner parts of the plant and let light touch the harder to reach flowers. They love growing in warm, sunny, and semihumid conditions, but the trick here is making sure that these plants are exposed to at last 10 degrees cooler temps at night compared to their normal daytime temps. This will aid in the development of its purplish and bluish hue all over the plant.

These plants will start flowering and be ready to harvest in 9 weeks and yields can be as much as 450 grams per sqm.

Blue Fruit Autoflowering Specifications

Type : Indica-dominant
Climate : Indoor/Outdoor
Yield : 450g/m2
Height : Medium
Flowering : 9 weeks
Stone : Relaxing, Sedated, Calming, Euphoric, Focused
THC level : 12% – 19%
Grow : Moderate

1 review for Blue Fruit Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

  1. Vivien T. Kirkland

    Grown such a beautiful plant. Perfect germination rate. No wonder a lot of buyers here. They keep coming back. And will do too. Thanks for quality seed, just waiting for me to harvest. I will come back to review my hit!

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