Black Domina x Scott's OG

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Black Domina x Scott’s OG is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with a high 22 percent THC. It is a small plant growing only 40 to 100 cm tall, but you can get as much as 400 grams per square meter indoors and up to 500 grams per plant outdoors. You’ll love its euphoric, happy, and relaxing effects with citrus, lemon, pine, and woodsy aromas and flavors.

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10 Seeds $130.00
25 Seeds $250.00
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More About Black Domina x Scott´s OG (Feminized)

One of the most fabulous seed strains in the cannabis society, Black Domina x Scott´s OG, has been greatly adored with enticing attributes. It is an indica leaning variant that has been produced from pollinating two fair, balanced, and compelling strains, Black Domina and Scott´s OG. Its parents are one of the highly coveted strains by various breeders nowadays due to its attractive and solid buds with an overflowing THC inclusion that can go up to 21 percent. Its indica heritage is very remarkable in its structural strength, but its sativa genetics will never go unnoticed due to its height.

Hence, growing it in an indoor growing environment requires a lot of space. Furthermore, developing in an outdoor setting can make it with an even staggering height. No specifics are needed when it comes to its development as it is a strong and potent variant. So long as it is administered with a standard growing method, this seed strain can certainly generate up to 400 grams of buds per plant

1 review for Black Domina x Scott’s OG

  1. Kristian Ree

    Pretty awesome plant. Lightly to fed this one. And I think I love the way it grows! Simply to train and got no issues at all. Thanks for the quality genetics. More power!

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