Black Domina High CBD Seeds

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Black Domina Marijuana Seeds is a high THC Indica strain of marijuana. It is a tiny plant that grows 60 to 90 cm long but can yield approximately 700 gr/plant and about 450 g/m2 indoors. At only 6 weeks, it is an early bloomer with tropical, aromatic, spicy, pepper, and sweet-flavored buds.

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Black Domina Characteristics

The parents of Black Domina are among the greatest Indicas ever to have gifted the world. These progenitors were selected from various marijuana havens around the globe to produce a new Indica strain that is unlike any of its kind. Northern Lights is the first of its four parents, an extraordinarily powerful strain with a large output of resin. The second is Ortega, a relative of the former plant that contributes to the mix of its euphoric, antidepressant, and sleep-inducing characteristics. When it comes to alleviating signs of pain, anxiety, muscle aches, and exhaustion, this 95 percent Indica is said to be a wonderful instrument. A shorter development time and strong yields are brought to the table by Hash Vine, while the robust nature of Black Domina and long, closely packed colas are rewards from an Afghani cultivar recognized as SA. Black Domina is also valued by producers as well as being common with both medical and recreational consumers. This four-way cross is ideal for inexperienced hands due to its sought-after mixture of growing tendencies, but its best ability is typically only produced by those with experience. The scent of Black Domina is similar to the musky, oaky smell of Afghani, and there are also traces of new lemon and nuts. Its flavor profile is comparable to its scent when lit up, but it’s thicker and richer. Black hashish’s herbal flavor blends well with the flavor of black pepper that persists in the context, and there is also the tarty sound of blackberry, bringing the plant a mild sweetness and tart acidity.

Black Domina Effects

With due caution, treat Black Domina as its power can easily overpower in insufficient doses. The joy and comfort it gives, if used sensibly, are unlike any other. This strain is not the most powerful around, with a THC volume that does not surpass 20 percent, but it offers a spectacular high that is more convincing than skyrocketing or extreme. Black Domina is not a total creep and instantly declares her arrival by expanding to every part of the body a wet and slightly tingling feeling from the head down. The mind submits quite immediately to a soft but powerful burst of pleasure that drowns out concerns and problems. It cleans off bad emotions with a simple clean sweep, keeping nothing but a happy and positive state of mind in its wake. It starts work on the entire body, pulling tensions and soothing feelings of malaise away. Eventually, to function at all, you would feel too lazy, and collapsing out on the sofa in absolute exhaustion becomes an inevitable must. Food cravings are likely to kick in within a few minutes, so it’s better to prepare the treats and put them within the reach of arms before getting a boost. You’ll be prepared for a great and deep rest after an hour or so of total sleep and nibbling, enabling both the body and mind to relax and heal. Owing to the head-to-toe relief it can offer, Black Domina is also known as an excellent medicinal strain. The mind is flooded with happy thoughts and optimistic feelings under the euphoric influence of the plant, which can prove beneficial to those combating stress, nausea, depression, PTSD, mood disorders, mood disturbances, and many other psychiatric illnesses. It is also said that the plant contains strong analgesic and anti-swelling properties and is commonly used to relieve PMS, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, insomnia, ulcerative colitis, and much more. It is a common option between people with anorexia because Black Domina also leads to extreme bouts of munchies. In those who are suffering the adverse reactions of chemotherapy and other therapies, it can also alleviate nausea and vomiting. Patients will fall into a long, deep slumber when the mind, body, and stomach are fulfilled, which maintains good health prepared for the battles of the next day. This last aspect has also led insomniacs to turn for help to Black Domina. Keep the dose low to appreciate Black Domina correctly, and wait a few minutes among impacts to let the results settle. A common symptom is a cottonmouth due to its effectiveness. Lightheadedness, headache, elevated anxiety, and paranoia can also occur in large doses.

What Growers Need To Know About Black Domina

The best-loved qualities of Indica strains are shown by Black Domina: short and small height, large resin development, quick growing period, and large, thick buds. It has an unusual deep green coloration, other than those sought-after attributes, that is sure to impress. This amazing pigmentation spreads through the leaves and flowers and when the plant is exposed to cooler temperatures, both can turn a deep purple hue. Black Domina produces a large, exceptionally long apical cola despite its structure-activity, with several lower-lying secondary growing sites that are smaller in size but still massive. There is a high calyx-to-leaf ratio in these bud clusters, allowing trimming easier. In a Sea of Green setup, increasing the mysterious elegance indoors is most productive, but be prepared to hold the RH level about 40 to 50 percent to avoid moisture accumulation in this tight structure. Maintain a stable atmosphere with temperatures of about 70 to 80 ° F. With the mixture of optimum conditions and an effective growing process, after just 6 to 7 weeks of flowering, about 1.47 ounces of dark-colored buds per square foot will be ready to be collected. In areas with hot, warm places and long summers, Black Domina can also be grown outdoors. While its Indica genetics allow it to thrive even in unidirectional environments, maximum yields of up to 24.6 ounces per plant could only be obtained under ideal circumstances. Its swift flowering period in the polar regions means it is always ready for harvest as soon as mid-September.

Black Domina High CBD Strain Specifications

Type : Indica-dominant
Climate : Mediterranean/Sunny
Yield : 14-16 oz/m2
Height : Medium
Flowering : 6 – 7 Weeks
Stone : Numbing sensation
THC level : 12-24%
Grow : Easy

1 review for Black Domina High CBD Seeds

  1. Laurits Nørgaard

    This is a wow strain. All my seeds germinated and sprouted. And this helps me in my relaxation. I got a sleepy night, and stimulates apetite. It was also good for muscle pains. Such a quality seed!

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