BC God Bud Marijuana Seeds

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BC God Bud Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with dense, resin-coated buds. This strain has a tropical, herbal, berry, pine, and lavender flavors and is one of the recipients of the covered Cannabis Cup awards. This strain is very relaxing and will instantly send you to the moon and back because of its relaxing and euphoric effects.

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More About BC God Bud (Regular)

Award-winning heavenly strain

BC God Bud is an heir of God Bud and is an Indica- dominant strain. As opposed to the advertised breed of BC Big Bud, this strain is favorable for its massive productive yields and better tasting. This is commonly recognized for its plumpness, thickness, and conciseness. This likewise arises with loads of bright resin.

Cultivating this seed can be somewhat a hurdle since it requires more training. Clear ventilation and decent sun exposure is core to its progress. The medicinal features present for a captivating sedative and are generally applied against various ailments like multiple sclerosis and arthritis. Absorbing this strain during midnight must be the precise guidance as it makes you doze off quicker while easing the body

Another idea is that it can be accessible to trade as it appears unusually appetizing wrapped in a silvery and sticky frosting. This likewise, favorably carries fruity tastes that, when planted utilizing composts, can produce more earnings.

1 review for BC God Bud Marijuana Seeds

  1. MarsiliusG

    Loved growing this strain! The buds sticky and frosty have fruity scent that carries over to the smoke flavor which is grassy with a hint of spiciness towards the end. The effect is relaxing and calming, perfect for a relaxing day or to unwind after a busy day.

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