B-52 Regular

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B-52 is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with a potent high due to its very powerful parents: a Big Bud and a Skunk. This plant was named after a jet plane and came with an average THC between 8 to 15% THC. This is a medicinal strain as well as it can relieve pain, anxiety, stress, migraines, and arthritis.

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B-52 Regular Strain Details

  • The B-52 variety is a hybrid created between Big Bud and Skunk varieties.
  • The plant can be grown outdoors but is also best to be grown in a hydroponic room setup, SOG setups can also do good with it. For outdoor growth, it is best for locations with country or similar environments, yielding adult crops to be expected in the first week of October.
  • Most growers find it amusingly easy to grow as it is not a very big plant but produce high yields that can be about 500 grams per square meter.
  • B-52 produces huge, sticky buds, thanks to its Big Bud genes, while still maintaining the cerebral high and excellent flavor of the skunk variety.
  • The plant is durable and may take an EC as high as 2.6 without showing symptoms or signs of overfeeding.

Note for Growers
If the hydroponic environment is not available, the B-52 strain can also be grown outdoors although proper care is highly needed. Soil moisture should be taken into great consideration as well as the soil pH (acidity and basicity) in order for the plant to produce high yields. This medium-height plant has a compact structure wherein massive buds are produced, thanks to its Big Bud lineage, and reasonably quick to finish in around seven to ten weeks, making it preferred to be cultivated by commercial growers. Both professional and amateur growers can grow B-52 as it is not basically too difficult to grow.

B-52 Regular Strain Specifications

Type : Indica-dominant
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : 600g/m2 or more
Height : 152 cm
Flowering : 49 days
Stone : Energetic
THC level : Medium
Grow : Easy-Moderate

3 reviews for B-52 Regular

  1. Felicjan Dudek

    8 out of 10 popped out. Still, I am happy on how this seed grow. It has lots of buds to harvest. Perfect for all muscle pains. Good for anxiety and will make you relax. Not really heavy on my head, so I laughed every often. Excellent genetics. More power to your company!

  2. Jessy

    What an amazing strain! All seeds were germinated very quick. And i’m very well impressed with my first experience with B-52 Seeds. I really enjoy growing this strain very much manageable. And the effects? Ughhh i can’t even express how much this strain makes me feel so good very relaxing! A must try for everyone, and I will surely buy again next time.

  3. Alex Bodaoux

    Happy with my purchase and seeing that 9/10 popped out nicely is just amazing! This is the third product I purchased from this store and all the seeds I bought from here so far has exceeded my expetations! I will definitly come back for to try another strain!

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