Auto CBD Ratio Marijuana Seeds

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Auto CBD Ratio Marijuana Seeds is a strain with very high CBD at 30 percent, one of the highest results. It is also a small plant growing only 60 to 100 cm tall but can produce up to 500 grams per square meter. It is a very therapeutic strain capable of relieving anxiety, migraines, inflammation, seizures, and nausea.

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More About Auto CBD Ratio 1:30

A Thrilling and Soothing High

Auto CBD Ratio 1:30 is famous among its users because of its therapeutic perks and mild hallucinatory results. Picture being apt to appreciate the bliss of inhaling cannabis while also acquiring the medicinal benefits of the weed. The tangy taste is a big bonus to its traits.

Furthermore, it has a nice CBD concentration of approximately 22% that earned it a classic weed to adopt in handling minor illnesses such as headaches, anxiety, and migraines, to harsh ailments such as depression and multiple sclerosis. The auto CBD Ratio will give you a relaxing medicinal result without the undesired hallucinatory kick.

Growing this seed is a worry-free attempt fit even for amateurs. Therefore, it does not need much elevation administration and can be planted inside of your house efficiently. Further, this weed is somewhat repellent to diseases, mildews and pathogens, and bad climate, so it grows in both outdoor and indoor setup.

To optimize the potent probability, it is suggested to subjugate the weed to low-stress preparation methods like ScrOG and pruning. Assume to accumulate 18 oz after the 60th day of budding.

1 review for Auto CBD Ratio Marijuana Seeds

  1. Travis Sutton

    It was pretty easy to grow and there are great tips on the website for newbies trying to set up their space. Got a 5 pack 3 for 3 on germination. You can tell they are great quality, and all of my seeds actually grew. Got a very nice yield and high quality weed!

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