Auto CBD Critical Mass Marijuana Seeds

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Auto CBD Critical Mass Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain that’s very easy to grow with an equal ratio of CBD and THC. This is a small plant growing only from 90 to 100 cm high but can produce 100 grams per square meter of yield. The size of this plant makes it a suitable stealth strain.

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10 Seeds $130.00
25 Seeds $250.00
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An Interesting Germination

This is a well-proportioned combination strain that arises with astonishing features that most farmers like. Auto CBD Critical Mass is the concluding product when you blend LowRyder and Critical Mass, which includes another unknown strain. Hence, it can give a powerful therapeutic cannabis strain that can efficiently act as anxiolytic purposes, anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant, neuroprotective, and muscle relaxant.

It is recognized for being unchanging and exerting a very small strength to grow. They deliver intensely extensive buds in merely about any thriving environment.

These seeds are auto-flowering aside from already being straightforward to grow. That indicates they bloom naturally without the farmer having to mimic the fundamental light period. This is a good point to begin for those seeking to plant the lightest attainable variant of a very famous strain.


These seeds provide smelly buds with a blend of rich fragrances. You may catch a note of sugar blended with a woody scent. With each puff, you’ll discover the luscious tastes of honey, sugar, fruit, and cookies on your mouth.

1 review for Auto CBD Critical Mass Marijuana Seeds

  1. Matthew Thorpe

    Easy germination and then after a few weeks of veg and about 65 days of flowering indoors I’ve been blessed with a heavy yield. Extremely, creative, smooth high, warm body buzz and helped me with chronic pain relief and the insomnia. Over all I’d grow it again!

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