Amnesia x Ak47 Marijuana Seeds

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Amnesia x Ak47 Marijuana Seeds is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain with moderate yields and high THC at 20%. This strain is tall, growing up to 200 cm tall. This strain can yield up to 450 grams per square meter indoors and up to 600 grams per plant indoors. It is a creative, focused, and relaxing strain with a sweet, woody, skunk, and spicy flavors.

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25 Seeds $240.00
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More About Amnesia x Ak47 (fem)

Combining two of the top strains in the entire world, Amnesia x AK47 seeds produce high-quality buds that will leave you with an experience you will never forget. This strain is a good option for those who want to keep their brains wired and working throughout the day as it leaves you with a heady high that buzzes through your mind to give you a racy and energetic sensation. While it also comes with relaxing effects, Amnesia x AK47 is more likely to be a good daytime strain thanks to its energetic and mind-buzzing high. For a lot of people, this strain gives them the munchies, but many would agree that it is a great option for social gatherings because of how it stimulates the mind and keeps you laughing and happy for long periods of time.

Amnesia x AK47 produces tall and slender plants thanks to its sativa genetics. The buds come with a sharp lemony scent that also has hints of diesel. This makes a strain that has an overpowering aroma that goes well with its flavor and effects.

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5 Seeds, 10 Seeds, 25 Seeds

1 review for Amnesia x Ak47 Marijuana Seeds

  1. Racław Ostrowski

    What I love on this plant, is that whenever it encounter problems, like leaves dried out, it easily cured itself. Just need to input some nutrients in the soil and suddenly it went ok now. Such a strong plant for me. That is the best thing about it. All I need is to wait to harvest this beautiful bunch of buds here! More power!

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