Amnesia Kush Marijuana Seeds

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Amnesia Kush Marijuana Seeds is a hybrid cannabis strain that’s small, only 50 to 70 cm high, but can produce high yields up to 500 grams per square meter indoors. It is a fast-flowering strain blooming at 8 to 10 weeks from germination, giving you citrusy, herbal, earthy, and spicy buds.

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25 Seeds $240.00
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More About Amnesia Kush (fem)

Amnesia Kush is the combination of two popular strains: Amnesia Haze and OG Kush, which are both great on their own. The cross-breeding of two fantastic strains gave birth to a sativa-dominant hybrid that is just as tasty as it is potent. Amnesia Kush seeds produce buds that have high levels of limonene, which adds to how it has a taste that is similar to that of lemons.

Amnesia Kush has a citrus flavor that you would really love; this strain has a high that will hit you hard and strong. Its high levels of THC help how it puts you in a mental high that can give you a psychedelic trip due to how it stimulates your thoughts to make you feel more imaginative. And because Amnesia Kush has indica properties, the long-lasting mind-racing high tends to end in a mellow and peaceful way as the effects wash over your body to put you in a tranquil state.

1 review for Amnesia Kush Marijuana Seeds

  1. Frances Higgins

    I set up a growing area outdoor for my cannabis growing journey. And there are so many strains to choose. But then , I chose this one with 10 seeds pack. Thanks for fast shipping! The seeds sprouted easily and fast growing with 15 inches in height within 2 weeks. Huge plant. I guess I will harvest a bunch of buds. Thanks for the quality seed!

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