Amnesia Blue Head Band Marijuana Seeds

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Amnesia Blue Head Band Marijuana Seeds is a balanced hybrid that’s easy to grow and has good yields. It is an energetic, euphoric, and relaxing strain that can relieve anxiety, arthritis, migraines, and stress. This berry and sweet strain will grow almost anywhere, but it’s best grown inside a greenhouse with a temperate or sunny environment.

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More About Amnesia Blue Head Band (fem)

Amnesia Blue Head Band is a cross between the popular Amnesia strain and the up and comer Blue Head Band. As the name suggests, this is a strain with intense, heady effects that come from both of its parent strain. Considered as a hybrid strain that has a balanced indica-sativa ratio, Amnesia Blue Head Band hits you with an energetic buzz that wakes you up and makes you feel motivated throughout the day. That is why many people prefer using this strain over drinking a good cup of coffee. However, what you will also notice is that it actually feels like a headband because of how it wraps your head with all sorts of different thoughts that will keep your mind preoccupied throughout the entire duration of the high.

An earthy and sweet type of strain, Amnesia x Blue Head Band, is good for outdoor growing but can also grow it indoors, thanks to its hybrid properties.

1 review for Amnesia Blue Head Band Marijuana Seeds

  1. Peggy Harris

    I was surprised that this strain is an elegant plant. A very submissive one. It responds to all the nutrients that I put into the soil. The method I used is a quick to be applied. No hassle I encounter. Above all, It produced a huge buds, awesome! Let’s see how it hits my head..

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