AK 48 Feminized

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For whatever reason this strain was named, the AK-48 Feminized marijuana strain is a reliable strain when it comes to potency. Although this strain is Indica-dominant, the Sativa effects of the AK-48 are more prominent when offering its kick. This is an entirely different strain from the more popular AK-47 strain, The AK-48 offers an energetic and euphoric cerebral high that will have first-time users wanting for more.

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AK-48 Feminized Characteristics

There have been a few who have criticized the AK-48 strain just because it is closely named after another famously known strain, the AK-47. But this newer marijuana hybrid also deserves its fair share of recognition for the high it provides its users. With a still unidentified breeder, the AK-48 is the product of breeding Ice marijuana strain and Jock Horror. Many have theorized that AK-48was aptly named because it takes approximately 48 days for this plant to fully mature.

The AK-48 has nothing spectacular to offer when it comes to its physical appearance. The buds of this weed appear to have a dull looking light and dark green hue. What stands out though is its dark orange pistils that fully cover the buds and adjusting of creamy trichomes. What this strain lacks in appearance will definitely make up in its aroma and flavor.

Opening a jar of well-cured AK-48 feminized will greet you with an explosion of the tropics! Hints of pineapple, blueberry, and mango will fill the air with its prominent aroma. This fruity concoction gives way to a pungent, skunky undertone of damp pine and earth. The damp pine aroma is reminiscent of taking a stroll in a dew filled pine forest in the morning. As for its flavors, it is just as fascinating to cannabis connoisseurs as a blend of sweet and citrus orange and fruits linger in your tastebuds with an aftertaste of earthy-pine flavors clinging to your lips on the exhale.

AK-48 Feminized Effects

AK-48 has been known for its awesome THC content. This strain may clock in at 25% THC in some instances but an average THC level of 20% is still fairly powerful. With a contradiction of sorts, This Indica-dominant strain is more renowned for its Sativa high. A prolific cerebral stimulation of a variety of effects is all placed in one offering. The initial high will lift up your spirits and boost your energies to levels where the user wants to keep on moving and working. All this while having a clear mind and all those creative juices overflowing with brilliant ideas. This makes for a perfect medical cannabis option to aid in the treatment of patients suffering from anxiety, stress, and depression. What keeps these patients from fully functioning well are those cynical thoughts that linger within the deep corners of the patient’s minds, hampering their ability to function and move on. The AK-48 Sativa effects counter these feelings and give the patient a positive vibe and uplifting his gloomy mood.
Once the indica effects hit you, a feeling of total calmness is felt by the user. This min and body relaxation is manageable and tends not to be overpowering if consumed in the right amounts. This strain relaxes the muscles and nerves without rendering them useless. The ability to move and function will still be present, thus making this weed a very productive smoke. This weed can be taken as a morning starter or even as a day ender where you will sit and relax and ponder on the day’s fruitful events.

What Growers Need To Know About AK-48 Feminized

Ak-48 Feminized is an easy to grow weed and any novice planter may grow this weed without much needed special care. The new cultivator may even use this weed to sharpen his cannabis growing techniques for future harder grows. This weed can be grown either indoors or outdoors. But growers have to be wary of this strain’s potent aroma. If growing indoors, a proper ventilation system, fans, and odor eliminators should be all in place as a room full of flowering AK-48 could be nauseating to the untrained nose. As for outdoor growing, it is best recommended to plant this far away and if possible, downwind from neighbors to prevent any unsuspecting visitors.

Indoor growing will certainly be an advantage as the cultivator will be able to adjunct and control growth conditions specific to this plant’s needs. In this case, a Mediterranean climate is needed for this plant to thrive thus giving it plenty of light, adjusting temperatures to be on the warmer side, and humidity levels should be on the dry side without much water vapor present in the air. Flowering will start in about 7 to 8 weeks and expect a great yield of 17 ounces.

Growing the AK-48 should be a breeze if you live in a warm and temperate zone. If these conditions are present then the ideal growing conditions await this strain. By exposing this weed to its natural environment, you are making this plant grow in its natural habitat which will do wonders for it. The plant will absorb anything nature will offer her and those warm rays of sunlight and all the nutrients available in the air and soil will all be taken in by the AK-48 and will soon start blooming in 7 to 8 weeks. This happy growing weed will reward its cultivator with 17 ounces or more of fresh bud per plant!

3 reviews for AK 48 Feminized

  1. Nicolas Majory

    This plant was grew genuine simple this AK-48 is far more dynamite green color,with orange hairs and a lot of precious stones. The AK 48 is the most un-amazing strain to take a gander at however for reasons unknown, its loosening up impact are brisk and articulated. I enthusiastically suggest this becoming indoor!

  2. Javier Lamoureux

    This strain was an incredible to grow, created decent nugs and smoked smooth and was acceptable in social events. Will be developing this one once more!

  3. William James

    Ak-48 is perefect! It grows very well in cold weather. Not picky with the temperature or about nutrients at all. Super close distribution of nodes for dense long colas, fantastic in SCROG. My Ak-48 from MJ Seeds Canada is a very vibrant plant that often responds physically after irrigation, modifying lamps, or altering the setting with dramatic gestures. This makes growing this strain much better when she obviously tries to tell you what she wants, however if things are not ideal, she doesn’t freak out.

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