AK-48 Feminized

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AK-48 Feminized is a very resilient strain that can produce huge yields with frosty buds perfect for concentrate-making. This strain is balanced and can flower faster. And because this strain is a feminized strain, you can guarantee no accidental pollination, which happens when you use photoperiod or regular cannabis strains.

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AK-48 Feminized Strain Details
  • The AK 48 strain is known for its short flowering period. The whole flowering period would usually last just around 48 days. However, although the flowering period is short, the yield is not affected at all, in fact, it is a heavy yielder. It is a sativa-dominant hybrid.
  • This strain is recommended for novice or even first-time growers because it’s one of the easiest strains to grow. The AK 48 marijuana strain is versatile and can endure most of the common mistakes new growers make such us giving too many nutrients. It also has a physically strong and hard structure that would not break easily.
  • Feminized seeds are even easier to grow since there is no need to check the sex of the flowers. There is also little to no risk at all of the plant being a hermaphrodite.
  • The plant is great for indoor planting especially for those with very limited space. It is a short plant but still provides a great yield ranging from 400 – 500 grams for each square meter. This is because it has really dense buds that almost look like rocks.
  • Other than the very dense buds, the AK 48 can also be identified by its bright green color that comes with orange hairs and plenty of crystals.
  • The plant has a pleasant aroma but it is barely there. It smells a little like grapefruit, especially when the buds are opened or ground up.
  • The taste is not very significant, since it has a very little aroma, this translates into a bland taste that comes with that slight hint of grapefruit.
  • It provides a cerebral and heady high. Initially, it will relax the muscles and the brain, after the initial relaxing sensation, a significant increase in appetite comes.
  • Due to its relaxing effects, the AK 48 strain has been used to treat insomnia, depression, anxiety, and a lot of other stress-related conditions. It can also be used to treat minor pains such as headaches and muscle spasms.
Note for Growers
This AK 48 strain can grow both indoors and outdoors. For outdoor planting, it is best to be planted in soil. Indoor planting is possible as long as enough space is provided for the plant to flower as it will usually double its height by the flowering stage. Once harvested, it is best to cure it properly as a poor cure can make the plant acquire an unpleasant chemical taste.

3 reviews for AK-48 Feminized

  1. Nicolas Majory

    This plant was grown real easy this AK-48 is way more spectacular green color,with orange hairs and plenty of crystals. The AK 48 is the least remarkable strain to look at but for some reason, its relaxing effect are quick and pronounced. I highly recommend this growing indoor!

  2. Javier Lamoureux

    This strain was a great to grow, produced nice nugs and smoked smooth and was good in social occasions. Will be growing this one again!

  3. William James

    Ak-48 is perefect! It grows very well in cold weather. Not picky with the temperature or about nutrients at all. Super close distribution of nodes for dense long colas, fantastic in SCROG. My Ak-48 from MJ Seeds Canada is a very vibrant plant that often responds physically after irrigation, modifying lamps, or altering the setting with dramatic gestures. This makes growing this strain much better when she obviously tries to tell you what she wants, however if things are not ideal, she doesn’t freak out.

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