AK-47 Marijuana Seeds

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AK-47 Marijuana Seeds is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain with heavy yields. This hybrid is a small plant only 65 to 85 cm tall but can produce up to 500 grams per square meter indoors and up to 500 grams per plant outdoors. It is a creative, energetic, uplifting, and happy strain with a pungent, skunk, and earthy flavors.

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5 Seeds $160.00
10 Seeds $90.00
25 Seeds $300.00
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More About AK-47 (fem) 

One of the most popular strains in the entire world, AK-47 is a sativa-dominant hybrid that does not actually live up to its violent name. Instead, AK-47 feminized seeds produced buds that actually have that mellow couch-locking effect that gives you a heightened state of mind to make you feel a lot more creative and imaginative while you are basking in a peaceful and uplifted state. You are going to have to listen to some good music or watch some great movies while under the effects of AK-47. It simply has the perfect blend of relaxing buzz and euphoric high that makes it a good all-around strain during a lazy weekend at home.

AK-47 feminized seeds produce tall plants thanks to its sativa-dominant side. And because of its hybrid properties, it can grow well indoors and outdoors but should be kept in a mildly warm climate with temperatures that are somewhere close to 75 degrees.

1 review for AK-47 Marijuana Seeds

  1. Lena Hartmann

    I super enjoyed growing this one of a kind plant. My experience was great, starting with the 5 seeds pack. The plant like my scrog method. Administered all the necessary nutrients into its system. Excellent strain!

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