Agent Orange Marijuana Seeds

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Agent Orange Marijuana Seeds is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain with heavy yields and faster flowering at 8 to 10 weeks with cheese, lemon, orange and spicy flavors. It is an energetic, focused, happy, hungry, and relaxed strain that you can use to deal with anxiety, arthritis, depression, cramps, fatigue, migraines, and muscle spasms.

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More About Agent Orange Regular

A Feisty and Uplifting Weed

Rather than providing a mind-blowing occurrence for its user, it gives a feistier and satisfying buzz, accompanied by an uplifting high that carries off the entire discomfort from the body. This Sativa-dominant weed is perceived to possess a somewhat huge measure of THC, which guarantees that you receive the bliss that you require. Moreover, it is likewise invigorating therapeutic cannabis that relieves stress and other similar matters.

Flowering in merely 8-9 weeks. It has a pretty large production of gorgeous buds with immense container glamour, embellished with purple and maroon shades, and bright tangerine pistils. In a restricted setting, plant the marijuana in either hydroponics or soil, and let it develop its twigs in a ScrOG technique for optimum harvest. Enter accumulate, nearly to 15 ounces of aromatic and effective buds/m2 are available for searing.

Agent Orange has been recognized to cause doper’s mouths drooling for more with a smell of lemon, fruit, and orange.

1 review for Agent Orange Marijuana Seeds

  1. DesrochesA

    It was a super easy grow healthy throughout. The yield was amazing for a regular strain, and the buds came out quite dense. High is very suitable for evenings, and satisfying buzz, seemed great. Will do it again sometime in the future for sure!

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