Acapulco Gold Auto-Fem

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Acapulco Gold Auto-Fem is a strain of superstar status that originated in Acapulco in the early ‘60s. This Sativa-dominant cannabis earned the distinction of being one of the greatest strains of all time by High Times Magazine. Because of its invigorating and uplifting high, this landrace strain has reached celebrity status by being a great smoke to energize oneself and present an aura of positivity. Being a popular strain has made this weed difficult to find which makes owning one or having some consumable cannabis an exclusive privilege.

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Acapulco Gold Auto-Fem Characteristics

Imagine a field full of fresh flowers with pine trees growing by the side. As soon as the wind blows, the sweet scents fill your nostrils with delightfully enticing aromas mixed with a pleasing earthy undertone. That is how best to describe this golden weed. What makes this more appealing is that it also tastes as great as it smells. Sweet floral undertones are mixed with citrusy flavors with pine and earth. Once this touches your tastebuds, a soothing tang will linger even long after you have exhaled.

Acapulco Gold Auto-Fem will make you love this train more with its appearance. Bright orange hairs adorn the dense and compact buds with splashes of greens and browns to give more accent to its stunning beauty. This eye-candy of a strain does not lack in the resin department as this will give you a bountiful resin production, an apt reward from a “connoisseurs weed”.

Acapulco Gold Auto-Fem Effects

Acapulco Gold just screams Sativa at the onset. This is a great representation of this weeds landrace Mexican Sativa core. This hard-to-find stain will offer the users a strong feeling of elation and will keep the users clear-headed and at the same time invigorated. This uplifting and energizing strain will keep alert and sharp and the urge to carry on a task will be in the offing. The whole Sativa positivity offered by this cannabis is a great stress buster and depression washer as you will forget all cynical thoughts that hamper your ability to move on. The Indica effects of this weed must not be ignored as it will complement the euphoric and energetic feeling brought about by the Sativa. A feeling of calm and relaxation will fill the user’s entire body making him capable of performing tasks while enjoying the relaxing mood he is in, the result will be a productive way to complete tasks with a positive aura completely enveloping the user.

What Growers Need To Know About Acapulco Gold Auto-Fem

Acapulco Golds’ origins, which is Mexico will mean that the growing weather conditions for this pant must replicate that of Mexico. They will prefer a warm, dry, and sunny environment for them to grow healthy and produce optimal yields. In the auto-flowering feminized version of Acapulco Gold, there is a slim chance for this strain to grow male plants.

This plant will fare well in any growing environment, be it indoors or outdoors. With all the growing equipment to aid in giving this plant the best conditions possible, Growing this strain indoors will is no problem at all. As long as the ideal growing conditions of a tropical plant is replicated in an indoor setup, this weed will survive and even thrive in its indoor growing environment. As long as a controlled environment will be set up, like ensuring warmer temperatures, low humidity levels, adequate lighting, and even proper nutrition are followed, no issues will occur when growing this weed indoors.

As for outdoor growing, as long as the outdoor environment is that of a temperate and sunny climate, just like in Mexico, this weed will love it! The advantage of growing this weed outdoors is that this plant will be exposed to its natural setting and will partake of anything nature has to offer her. This plant will start its flowering stage by week 10 to 11 and will reward cultivators with a bountiful 16 to 19 ounces of fresh bud!

3 reviews for Acapulco Gold Auto-Fem

  1. Maslin Vertefeuille

    I find this one of the best strain. Acapulco Gold Autoflowering Feminized was a lot of fun to grow, she reacted incredibly well grew fast and big with really nice gold buds. Got what I expected excellent grow. Can’t wait to try out MJ Seeds Canada other strains!

  2. Gabrielle Davis

    Definitely worthy for indoor growing, its very easy to grow and it produce 500 grams buds. I’m such a big fan of this strain, perfect for parties! The effects is very uplifting and boosting. After I smoke this acapulco I had great time and conversation with my friends on the living room. I will surely back for more, and purchasing on Mj Seeds Canada is very easy.

  3. Soren Mailloux

    Always satisfied with the fast delivery and reliability and quality of the seeds. Already long to be able to taste and see these wonderful plants grow. Perfect plant for beginners!

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