24k Gold Marijuana Seeds

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24k Gold Marijuana Seeds is a heavy yielder balanced indica-sativa strain. This balanced hybrid can produce 22% THC and thus will make you euphoric, relaxed, energetic, uplifted, creative, and happy. This strain can produce buds as early as 8 weeks, so you’ll enjoy citrus, orange, and pepper-flavored flowers in no time.

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More About 24k Gold (fem)

24K Gold, which is also called “Kosher Tangie” or simply 24K, is an indica dominant hybrid strain that was achieved when Kosher Kush and Tangie were crossed, which is why it is called Kosher Tangie. The name 24K Gold comes from the fact that this strain has a golden appearance and a flavor that only deserves the “gold” name. In terms of its flavor, it carries a sweet kind of taste that is similar to orange or other citrus fruits. The aroma is similar as it carries a sweet and fragrant kind of citrus appeal but may come off as pungent, sour, and skunky to some people.

As an indica dominant strain, 24K Gold comes with all of the great indica effects one can expect. It carries an uplifting and euphoric experience that relaxes you and makes you feel sleepy while numbing all of your mental and physical pains. This makes it a good strain to use for the evenings after a tiring day at work. It can be for both recreational and medical purposes because of its wide range of therapeutic effects.

1 review for 24k Gold Marijuana Seeds

  1. TQuiron

    Very satisfied with the end result with this plant. I let her grow which gave me a good amount of good buds. This plant is absolutely fantastic.The smoke very head high and makes you feel sleepy and relaxed tastes citrusy. Definitely an impressive strain I would gladly recommend.

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