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Sour Lemon Marijuana Seeds is a Sativa marijuana strain that can flourish anywhere. Sour Lemon Marijuana Seeds. It has a high CBD of 8%, but a low THC of 8%. This strain is soothing, stimulating, uplifting, and sleepy, which makes it perfect for insomnia, anxiety, headaches, and inflammation. It has tastes of apple, citrus, lime, pepper, and spicy that will definitely linger on your palate.

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Sour Lemon Strain Characteristics

Sour Skies will find a great company for those looking to soar together for an intergalactic adventure. The experience given by this hybrid is nothing short of awesomeness, with genes acquired from the dank Sour Diesel and Indica-leaning Skywalker. The classic Sour Diesel, consisting of almost three ratios of Sour Skies genetic makeup, added it is distinctly sour, citric, and slightly diesel taste and aroma just like most of the Sativa-like growth model of the hybrid. Sour Diesel is not a pressure to be played with unless you’re searching for a famously mind-blowing and euphoric head high, a union of Chemdawg and Super Skunk with 20 percent to 25 percent THC levels. Skywalker OG is the other parent, a combination among Skywalker and OG Kush that carries solid Kush qualities and can leave consumers for hours enjoying cloud nine. The THC content of this Indica combination of 26 percent is no joking matter. This strain is a true smorgasbord in the fragrance department, with a skunky smell of sour orange, citrus, pine, and aromatic earth. Sour Skies is also renowned for its blast of fruity tang and sour citrus taste. With a sharp and sour twist, it tastes almost like candy.

Sour Lemon Strain Effects

With a heady mix of blissful euphoria and body-melting relaxation, the hard-hitting high of Sour Skies will propel you into the skies. It is admired for its well-balanced results by recreational and medical consumers, beginning with a burst of energy because of the genes of Sour Diesel. The giggly and blissful high, rather than creative motivation, relieves the stress of concerns and negative feelings. It’s useful for boosting motivation and concentration.

But make sure that you plan a place to relax peacefully because eventually, the joyful cerebral encounter tapers off to a high sedative and soothing. By the time the relief has expanded from the neck down all the way down, all you will be able to do is melt into the couch and revel in the relaxed, happy, and comfortable feeling generated by the relaxing power of Skywalker.

Before long, sleep is likely to appear, making it a great nightcap after an arduous and exhausting day. You will probably feel ravenously hungry if you try to remain awake. So it is a smart concept to make some snacks in advance. Given that it’s one of the high THC seeds, with THC levels of 17 to 24 percent, its efficacy could be defined as above average, but most beginners and casual users can still test it as long as the amounts are held very small. It can induce adverse effects such as paranoia and anxiety if too much is taken. Sneezing, blurred vision, vomiting, dry lips, and bloodshot eyes are some more common symptoms. While these symptoms tend to fade on their own, proper hydration will help. With the synergistic therapeutic effects of THC and terpenes, Sour Skies can help cure different mental and body ailments. Sour Skies can calm the storm of fears, bad emotions, and panic given its natural anxiolytic properties. For anxiety and depression such as PTSD, OCD, social phobia, and much more, which is said to be an outstanding alternative remedy. In the management of restlessness, anxiety as well as other signs of ADHD, its focus-enhancing compounds and calming effects can prove useful. It is also known for its anti-depressant and mental state characteristics that can help keep isolation, suicide attempts, and other clinical mood disorders at bay. The sedative effects of the strain can be beneficial for relieving stress and reducing deep-seated muscle spasms, bringing the stress off the shoulders of patients while inducing a relaxed state of mind. That even veterans and insomniacs are unable to avoid may even contribute to deep sedation.

What Growers Need To Know About Sour Lemon Strain

Sour Skies is an enigmatic hybrid that balances the genetics of Indica and Sativa. The Sativa strain extends tall, while the Indica lineage, Skywalker, is recognized for its compact design. A mid-sized plant bearing research divisions and tightly clustered flowers emerged from the mixture of such polar features. This makes it particularly susceptible to the development of bud rot and downy mildew, so to ensure a healthy, mold-free plant, the growing place must be kept well enough and dry. This combination is also slightly temperamental aside from its vulnerability to mold, so it’s not advised for first-time growers. As the flowering cycle takes anywhere between 9 to 11 weeks, it needs a lot of patience. But once your labor’s trichome-rich fruits are collected, you’ll certainly believe all the work was worth it. It flourishes well in both indoor and outdoor settings due to its average size, as long as the atmosphere is hot and dry. It can develop as high as 5 feet indoors, but by using the Screen of Green methodology its height can be decreased, which can also increase the overall outputs by adding more bud sites to the source of light. It reacts to pruning by developing laterally, like most Sativa strains. A harvest of 1.31 to 1.63 ounces per square foot expects by the end of the long flowering season. With exposure to plenty of suns, Sour Skies grows best when developed outdoors. There, per plant, it can generate from 17 to 24 oz of THC-rich buds. It can develop as high as 6 feet, which in terms of making it confidential can be an issue. It’s safer to keep this strain indoors if stealth is a priority. Due to its towering height, it is not only noticeable, but its unmistakable scent may draw unwanted attention. Odor controllers can be used indoors.

Sour Skies Strain Specifications

Type : Hybrid
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : Indoor 400

– 500 g/m2
Outdoor 500 – 700 gr/plant

Height : 150 cm
Flowering : Indoors 8 – 10 weeks
Outdoor November
Stone : Creative, Energetic, Euphoric, Focused
THC level : 21%
Grow : Easy

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    Regina Arcuri

    I am not the expert in growing but I guess, my experience is the key to success. Whenever how many times I grow, I keep all the experiences so I know to manage every mistake. This plant turn into a monster plant. Big but gorgeous plant. Thanks for the quality seeds always.

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