Somango Regular Marijuana Seeds

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Somango Marijuana Seeds Regular is a mostly indica marijuana strain that is very common because of its high 20 percent THC and good yields. This is citrus, flavorful, aromatic, and mango-flavored strain with energizing, fixated, hungry, and drowsy effects. No surprise this hybrid is often used as a medical strain for insomnia, joint problems, anxiety, chronic fatigue, stress, and nausea.

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Somango Strain Characteristics

The first thing you should consider once you get an opportunity to smell Somango is a colorful smash of tropical flavors. It’s like a mixture of all your beloved citrus fruits, with an additional spurt of something extra. After a great whiff, this smell is clearly herbal, with a touch of white pepper on the nose as well. There is also a lot of skunkiness, an evident holdover from her skunk-related lineage. At the end of the day, the smell of this strain is one of exploding flavor and thrilling aspects which never seems to stop. It infuses your mouth, but it also holds something extra. There’s still a lot of mango flavors that strike your tongue, almost so much that it could overwhelm your palate. There are a few herbal notes, kind of like a potion of herbal medicines.

The smoke can be rough and biting, putting you to cough for air if you’re not cautious. The taste is rather tricky, as it goes through such tides of intensity – from slight skunkiness to overpowering mango and herbs. The flowers and buds of this strain are practically identical to sativas, which again is weird given its firm moving towards indica. There’s a lot of the normal leafy shade of green, but there was also a huge amount of distinctive yellow and white spots. These two colors imply pistils and trichomes, respectively, and still mean a lot of effectiveness to come. The most intriguing feature of this strain’s looks is the existence of anthocyanins. These brightly colored pigments occur in uncommonly winter conditions as the plant reaches its flowering duration.

Somango Strain Effects

Somango is a top choice of several skilled usages, as it can be quite powerful, but it provides just the right combination of impacts. You can begin to feel comfortable when you smoke this flower, and this will leave you feeling a little tempted to drain into the couch to appreciate the verging psychedelic effects on your feelings. Many users like this hybrid because of its ability to maintain them simple and concentrated anytime they need to be.

Somango can help you achieve your tasks without realizing how often things are going on, which would be great for those days even if you have a particular goal you need to achieve. Somango can leave you feeling elevated and pleased, your mood is at all high. You’re likely to get the cravings when you smoke this strain, so it’s better to keep a series of snacks near the area, it is the best strain to increase appetite. This indica dominant plant could also find things simpler for you to fall asleep, and therefore it is best ingested later in the day, just to be sure.

What Growers Need To Know About Somango Strain

Somango Marijuana strain seeds are remarkably easily accessible if you’re looking online. Soma Seeds is all about ensuring that its product is widely accessed, so you can anticipate to encounter it almost anywhere. After you get your seeds from Somango, feel able to develop them both indoors and outdoors, even though you need to watch the temperature. For the finest growing conditions, ensure that the water remains at around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. But if you want that lovely blue and purple color on your buds, you need to make it incredibly chilly. Try and subject it to low weather at night throughout its growth phase. Either turn the air ventilation high when growing indoors or just plant it at the end of the growing phase.

You don’t want to encounter the frost, however, some cool weather will make it adorable. As Somango plants begin to occur taller, you might discover it prudent to try and tie it to a post to guarantee that it grows properly. Extra pruning is beneficial both for the promotion of plant health and for the actual completion of buds. You want to inspire more sideways lateral development because this will lead to higher bud manufacturing in flowering time. After you have attained harvesting season, ensure you manage your Somango buds very carefully. Any kind of intervention can quickly harm the coloration. Handle your Somango appropriately, and it’s going to reward you with outstanding impacts.

Somango Strain Specifications

Type : Mostly Indica
Climate : Indoor/ Outdoor
Yield : Indoor 10 oz/m2
Outdoor 12 ounces per plant
Height : Unknown
Flowering : Indoors 9-10 weeks
Outdoors late October
Stone : Calming, Happy, Relaxed
THC level : 20%
Grow : Moderate

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  1. Avatar for Rachael Hallam

    Rachael Hallam

    Growing it was never easy. But this plant has managed to surpass all the circumstances. In short very strong plant. Among the other strains, this is very good to me. Thc level was just fine for me. And the strong scent of aroma is likely to be pleased. Awesome strain!

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