Purple Martian Kush Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds


Purple Martian Kush Autoflowering is an Indica-dominant hybrid developed by crossing three incredible strains, namely Blackberry Kush, Purple Kush, and Martian Mean Green. Purple Martian Kush’s fluffy buds are primarily purple, as the name implies. It has frosty, dense trichomes on the top of its flowers, as well as a sticky resin coating that is likely to stick to your fingertips. Purple Martian Kush has a sweet and spicy scent with hints of berries and grapes. It has a strong yet friendly scent that can quickly fill a room after just a few minutes of use. On the other hand, Purple Martian Kush has a flavor that is especially sweet and fruity, with unique undertones of earth and wood as an aftertaste. It makes you crave more because of the explosion of tastes and scents it provides.

Purple Martian Kush is well-known for its recreational high, but it also has medicinal potential. Its extremely calming effects provide a deep healing buzz that relieves discomfort in the body. At the same time, it soothes the anxious mind.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Purple Martian Kush Marijuana?

Purple Martian Kush’s sweet overtone, similar to a ripe grape and berries, carries over its flavor profile. The undertones of earthy and woody pine enhance the fruity note and leave an exciting aftertaste on the exhale.

Purple Martian Kush’s delay effects are reasonable given that it is primarily an Indica strain. In reality, it takes about 30 minutes for the psychedelic effects to kick in after the first puff. Those that consume the bud at its onset, though, typically experience a rush of euphoria.

As the high wears off, the indica effects become more noticeable. Purple Martian Kush marijuana produces a subtle yet very soothing physical high that relaxes and soothes all of the body’s muscles. Because of the sedative effects of this strain, it’s safer to consume it in the evening.

What are the Medical Benefits of Purple Martian Kush Marijuana Strain?

Purple Kush was most likely made for recreational use. Despite this, the indica-dominant strain has numerous medicinal purposes. This strain gradually implicit mental high aids in the treatment of chronic stress symptoms that can lead to severe mental health problems such as anxiety and depression.

In terms of physical effects, its indica effects are very intense. This strain calming buzz relieves the painful, even excruciating pain caused by spasms caused by rapid muscle contractions.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Purple Martian Kush Autoflower Marijuana?

Purple Martian Kush consumers would most likely experience cottonmouth due to cannabinoids’ moisture-inhibiting properties. Consumers may have dry eyes and red eyes if consumed in high dosage. All of these symptoms usually go away eventually by drinking a lot of water and keeping yourself hydrated.

How To Grow Purple Martian Kush Marijuana Seeds?

Purple Martian Kush’s sturdiness makes growing a pleasurable experience for many first-time growers. It has a robust stalk and sturdy branches that can withstand various unforeseen problems, such as wind gusts or excessive moisture in the air. This cannabis strain is an excellent choice for beginners concerning saving money by growing the plant outdoor. Still, some growers tend to cultivate Purple martian Kush indoor to avoid pests and temperature variations.

Growers may use manageable settings to alter critical variables such as lighting, temperature, and humidity to maintain the health of their plants. Additionally, its compact size makes it suitable for increasing in restricted spaces. When growing indoors, Purple Martian Kush cannabis seeds contain an average yield of 300 grams of thick buds per square meter. Purple Martian Kush flowers and matures in about seven to ten weeks. When introduced to a more comfortable setting, such as a cool evening breeze, Purple Martian Kush weed seeds will turn purple. On the other hand, Northern hemisphere cultivators can expect development in the final week of September through the middle of October. Growers should anticipate an abundant harvest of approximately 400 grams of buds per plant.


Purple Martian Kush Autoflower Marijuana Strain Specifications

Type: Indica-Dominant
Genetics Parents: Purple Kush x Blackberry Kush x Martian Mean Green
Flowering Period: 7 to 10 Weeks
Climate: Warm
Yield: indoor 300 g/m2 and outdoor 400 gr/m2
Flavors: Woody, Earthy, Sweet, Berry, Fruity, Grape
THC Level: 15% to 21%
CBD Level: 1%
Height: Unknown
Harvest Period: September to October
Growing Difficulty: Moderate


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