Mochalope Regular Marijuana Seeds

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Mochalope Strain Regular is a fast-flowering marijuana strain that is common at 24% because of its very high THC. This is an average-sized plant that can grow up to 500 grams indoors per sq meter and up to 500 grams outdoors per plant. With delectable coffee and oaky flavors, it is a very euphoric, calming, and uplifting strain.

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Mochalope Strain Characteristics

For many marijuana enthusiasts, Mochalope is a delectable treat. Its flavor profile is better represented by a rich, earthy essence that, along with some sweet and spicy sounds, is accentuated by the tantalizing flavors of coffee and chocolate. All phenos also displayed a chocolate/coffee scent, and for the short ones, the taller chocolope phenos got a little more fruitiness. Because the dominant Oregon Afghani came through from the Mochalope, the high would not differ too much.

Mochalope Strain Effects

In terms of its scent, aroma, and convenience of growing, regardless of skill, Mochalope is desirable to almost everyone. However, when it comes to the results, it’s a different story: this insanely strong strain is surely not for beginners and can only be intended for use by experienced veterans. A few minutes after taking a dose, a slight euphoria fills the mind and gloomy moods tend to lighten. The prefrontal stimulation later inevitably leads to a calming feeling that extends across the body. To emerge, it requires a bit of period but ultimately deepens to become an all-encompassing, completely numbing hammer.

Resistance is futile as the assault on the body begins, and stresses and tense muscles giving way to enjoy happiness. When pressures and burdens vanish, so does the ability to partake in any physical exercise. Other than for medical reasons, if there are things you need to do, it is best not to drink Mochalope during the day. It has the ability to leave consumers in complete oblivion, even at low doses. With an almost meditative consistency, it leaves the mind hazy, whilst the body swims in a calm and calming sea. Mochalope contains only normal CBD amounts, but THC levels are exceptionally high, it is a great delight for recreational use. The unique terpenes in this hybrid also result in the effectiveness of its medicinal properties. When the signs enter the mind and the body, the pressure quickly gets to work, helping to wipe away bad emotions and fears. In the management of mental health problems such as depression, PTSD, and bipolar disorder, these can also assist.

What Growers Need To Know About Mochalope Strain

The terpene profile and remarkable potency are the two most common characteristics of Mochalope. Yet it has a lot to sell to home growers as well. It is a plant that is short to medium-sized and suitable for indoor installations, including growing tents. With this combination, germinating the seeds using the paper towel technique functions quite well, and that you can launch the vegetative process for an improved flavor profile in seedlings organic soil. As it is a reasonably fast-growing plant by nature, this is a good choice of medium. It is also possible to use hydroponics, and supplying the roots specifically, combined with the use of 600 watts HID lamps, massively increases the growth rate.

Despite any medium you use, it is suggested for permanent harvests to use the Sea of Green strategy and it would also reduce the vegetative cycle by two weeks. The growing period remains the same at 7 to 9 weeks under SOG. That being said, with yields of up to 1.96 ounces per square foot, this results in reliably better quality buds.

Mochalope prefers areas that have plenty of sunlight and enough shade while growing outdoors to avoid overheating, particularly during midday. During the first two weeks of October, harvest normally falls, and the estimated yield is around 21 ounces per acre.

Mochalope Strain Specifications

Type : Indica
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : Indoor 600 g/m2
Outdoor 600gr/plant
Height : 100-150 cm
Flowering : Indoors 8-10 weeks
Outdoors September
Stone : Calming; Euphoric; Relaxed
THC level : 24%
Grow : Moderate

2 reviews for Mochalope Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Summer Hamilton

    Summer Hamilton

    Excellent weed for me. It grows well, the plant has an amazing yield. I will improve my growing room and put some ventilation. I put some led light too. Thanks!

  2. Avatar for Daisy Horton

    Daisy Horton

    This is one real mouth-watering powerful strain. Thrived the seed with hydroponics in an indoor setting and it was fairly easy. It grew short and hefty that gave me plentiful yields of dense globular buds covered in frost and orange hairs. My taste buds are pleased with its coffee-like taste with hints of woody aroma that is very delicious. Smoke was smooth that gave me a powerful cerebral hit. Mind boosting effects uplifts me and gave me a happy mood. Washed away all my burdens and helps me with my lingering pains. One of the best-tasting strain that you should never miss trying, it will surely amaze you beyond words!

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