Mexican Haze Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Mexican Haze Cannabis Seeds is a pure Sativa cannabis strain famous for high yields. This is a very tall plant that grows up to 200 cm tall, and that is why up to 500 grams per sq meter and up to 700 grams per plant are effective outdoors. This strain would certainly remain with an oaky, woody, and fruity taste.

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Mexican Haze Strain Characteristics

Pleasant and savory Mexican pot smells, mixing earth and woody tobacco with citrus. It’s a very dank and earthy flavor, with a considerably skunky pungency. Underneath, there’s a woody smell lingering, and scraping up the buds produces peppery, spicy sounds. A lemon and lime blended in the soil taste can be expected with a tobacco exhale. The taste is smooth yet pungent, with traces of gasoline. The leaves of the strain do not strongly coil inwards. They are very loose instead, and that they have a fluffy look as seen from afar. The leaves are a vivid mint green color and display brown to colorful orange hair tones, which are pistils. Pistils are a device designed to collect the pollen from male plants that bloom. The visible coating of sticky particles of syrupy resin is high. With the undeniable earthy and woody tones of the classic Haze, Mexican Haze has a heavy citrus aroma.

Mexican Haze Strain Effects

The high from the Mexican Haze awakens the perceptions and provokes tired minds more than any caffeine or energy drink. It shakes off gloomy thoughts, inspiring the mood, and making it feel like a new start each day. It immediately boosts vigor and encourages movement, to the point that sitting still for long stretches will induce twitching.

However, don’t worry about being too lively, since the mild effect of Indica is adequate to hold the liveliness under tolerable proportions. Anything under the control of the Mexican Haze will look more vibrant and alive. More complexity is brought on by colors and pictures. There would be a heavy desire, along with fits of giggles, to talk and interact socially. Because Mexican Haze is such a powerful strain, even at low dosages, it can make dry lips and eyes. Any more troubling side effects can occur in higher doses. Increased anxiety levels or even hysteria may be triggered by unnecessary mental stimuli, making what should have been a pleasurable event into an unfortunate situation.

What Growers Need To Know About Mexican Haze Strain

Mexican Haze is simple to cultivate for a pure Sativa strain. With broad intermodal width, it’s long-shanked, so it’s not susceptible to moisture accumulation. Many of the bacteria and diseases that grow in moist conditions are also resilient. Before popping Mexican Haze seeds, keep in mind that in tropical regions, the strain does well. Keep the region warm, with conditions around 70 and 80 ° F, and semi-humid, with RH levels near 50 percent, if you want to expand indoors. Maximum performance would be provided by a hydroponic device coupled with the Screen of Green configuration. On the scale, grown indoors, the plant exceeds around 3 and 6.5 feet. The lush, slender leaves of Mexican Haze will gain from certain pruning to guarantee that much of its energy is expended fattening its buds. Install a trellis for the branches as it reaches the flowering phase, since the colas, particularly the apical flowering site, appear to be huge. Up to 1.63 ounces per sq foot of fresh buds would be ready for picking after 10 to 11 weeks of flowering.

Install a trellis for the branches as it reaches the flowering phase, since the colas, particularly the apical flowering site, appear to be huge. Up to 1.63 ounces per sq foot of fresh buds would be ready for picking after 10 to 11 weeks of flowering. This is a strain that is best grown indoors. Consider developing outdoors if you’re lucky enough to live anywhere with stable environmental patterns close to the southeast of the United States and southern Europe. The plants can achieve 10 feet tall when cultivated al fresco and can turn out up to 24.6 ounces of flowers daily. The crop rolls in the northern regions from mid to late October.

Mexican Haze Strain Specifications

Type : Sativa
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : Indoor 400 – 500 g/m2
Outdoor 600 – 700 gr/ plant
Height : 90 – 200 cm
Flowering : Indoors 10 – 12 weeks
Outdoors October
Stone : Energetic, Giggly, Relaxing
THC level : 19%
Grow : Moderate

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  1. Avatar for Aron Simpson

    Aron Simpson

    The best thing about growing is the time you spent with so much effort to grow a plant. And when you see the results, you are happier and proud of it. Just like I did with this strain. Outstanding plant. I am so impressed that I made to grow this one. And now, getting huge buds here!

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