Ingrid Feminized Fast Version Marijuana Seeds


The Ingrid Fem Fast Version is a stunningly beautiful and astonishingly strong crop that soars to incredible heights. The Ingrid Feminized Fast strain, predominantly indica, will encourage you to kick back and relax – she’s the kind of weed that will help you unwind after a long day. You’ll note an immediate change in your mood if you’re fast on the draw when her indica genetics take over, including a potent sedative that calms you down, happiness and euphoria skyrocket.

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What are the Flavors and Effects of Ingrid Fem Fast Version?

Thankfully, this strain didn’t taste as bad as it smelled, instead of producing a herbal, earthy flavor with sandalwood notes that reminded us of the Hazes strain. Another significant element is its excellent, almost sweet, menthol-citrus fragrance as it walked out of the room. The taste was not subtle in any way, but the smoke was good and did not cause coughing.

In some samples, she has been found to contain as much as 31% THC, making her highly potent. Unfortunately, she seems to be making a name for herself in California. Outside of that province, she is virtually unknown. She is, however, one of the world’s most potent strains in terms of potency. She also acts quickly, as consumers experience a change in their attitude almost immediately after the treatment begins. Consumers are mostly happy, but there are times when they feel euphoric. Her dominant Indica side takes over before the emotional high intensifies even more. As a result of the powerful sedative-like effect, users begin to feel entirely relaxed. In the majority of cases, a considerable number of people become drowsy as well. It is recommended that only seasoned customers use it due to her insanely high potency. Due to the intimidating nature of this strain, beginners and novices may need to experiment with other strains. If the primary purpose of cannabis use is relaxation, this strain should be used with caution.

What are the Medical Benefits of Ingrid Fem Fast Version?

Ingrid has a lot to offer the medical marijuana community, aside from her impressive ability to provide complete relief to recreational drug users. Ingrid can help people with depression who are on prescription cannabis. She would also be able to provide relief to those who are suffering from pains and aches. This is one of the advantages of marijuana that proponents point to when arguing for its legalization in more states and countries. Ingrid, along with several other strains, can provide relief to ill people, particularly those near death. Because of its ability to alleviate stress, consumers can also use Ingrid for depression. While it is not a remedy, it improves morale, making it easier to manage such mental conditions. Also, some customers say that Ingrid helps them cope with nausea. Additionally, some people say that this strain helps with cramp relief.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Ingrid Fem Fast Version

Cannabis users will likely experience dry mouth and eyes from Ingrid Feminized Fast Version. The user’s hydration level determines the severity of the symptoms. To put it another way, users should consume plenty of water before and during use. Around the same time, staying hydrated tends to avoid other adverse reactions, such as headaches. In some circumstances, you might feel a little dizzy. This usually happens as a result of the drug’s powerful effects kicking in all of a sudden. Additionally, anxiety can become more prevalent in certain people. These issues can be solved once again by using a limited volume.

How to Grow Ingrid Fem Fast Version

Ingrid Fem Fast is a herb that can be grown both outdoors and indoors. Growing her indoors yields much more than growing her outdoors. Hydroponics is, by far, the best approach for growing this herb indoors. She is, however, shorter in stature than she is tall. As a result, Ingrid Fem Fast Version seems to be an excellent choice for the Sea of Green strategy.

This strain develops very quickly. Breeders can expect a yield of 12 to 16 ounces per square meter indoors. With plenty of tender loving care, Ingrid will thrive outside. It will, however, take longer. When she’s ready to harvest in late October, each plant appears to produce just about 12 ounces outdoors, which is less than what she produces when grown indoors. Ingrid Fem Fast flowering period takes about 5 to 7 weeks.


Ingrid Alien Fem Fast Version Strain Specifications

Type: Indica-dominant
Genetics Parents: UK Cheese x Hash Plant
Flowering Period: 5 to 7 weeks
Climate: Mediterranean, Temperate
Yield: 12-16 oz/m2 Indoors, 12 0z/plant Outdoors
Flavors: Sweet, Herbal, Earthy
THC Level: 21%-31%
CBD Level: 0.3%
Height: Unknown
Harvest Period: Late October
Growing Difficulty: Easy


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