Fruit Loops Feminized Marijuana Seeds


If you want a taste of perfection, then go ahead and try some of these Fruit Loops Feminized buds! This indica-dominant hybrid is sure to satisfy all types of smokers out there. As it is famous for being a very premium and top-class type of strain, Fruit Loops Feminized is something that you will often see a lot of growers have in their regular rotations! The intense sensations that keep you collected and composed are known to be some of the most relaxing out there. And with a flavor and terpene profile as prominent as the one in this strain, Fruit Loops Feminized is definitely a standard-bearer in the whole weed community.

Once you know what parent strains were used to breed this certain hybrid, you won’t be questioning its reputation and magnificence any longer! A four-way of powerhouses were used to produce this fine strain. With the likes of Blueberry, Blue Dream, White Widow, and Grapefruit genetics all rolled into one hybrid, this Fruit Loops Feminized strain will surely bring an array of properties to your smoking experiences!

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Fruit Loops Feminized?

If you think that you are going to get some bursts of fruity flavors in your mouth right when you start smoking a joint of these Fruit Loops buds, then you are definitely right! A rich and blissful shock of fresh, ripened fruits will cover your taste buds in a delectable wave. This flavor makes up the majority of tastes that come with the thick and full-bodied smoke. It will be very creamy so there’s no harshness that irritates your throat.

More flavors of different fruits and berries come joining the party, which is all brought together through this stinging spiciness that cuts down on the sweetness. Like with most indica strains, there will still be hints of earthiness and a pungent skunky flavor.

Fruit Loops allows smokers to take their time by slowly creeping up their minds without rushing the effects. When it does start stimulating your mind and body, you will begin to feel your senses being disoriented and hazy. A full-on couch-locking sensation then massages your body and gives you physical sensations that spread to every inch. With that heavy feeling finally taking you down, your lazy self will find it hard to get up and do anything else other than relaxing and chill out.

A strong buzz in your head also replaces that heavy head feeling and gives you a more focused and alert mindset. When the euphoria starts kicking in, your whole mood will improve. Some giggles and laughs start coming out of nowhere, making you feel a lot lighter in the head.

What are the Medical Benefits of Fruit Loops Feminized?

There are a lot of medical benefits to be taken away from the high of Fruit Loops Feminized. Anyone who feels sluggish and fatigued will find comfort in the body buzzes of this hybrid. It promotes a much more fresh and revitalized feeling without actually giving you amounts of unnecessary energy levels. Instead, you will only feel a lot looser without any stress causing discomfort in your body. Also, the uplifting mood that you get from Fruit Loops’ buds will also mask any negative feelings that could potentially lead to symptoms of depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

Those who regularly experience attention deficiencies and other disorders that affect your mindset such as ADHD/ADD, anorexia, and chronic stress are relieved through the use of this strain. It also has a lot of pain-relieving properties that could successfully reduce the swelling and discomforts in your body, whether it is caused by mild or severe ailments.

Negative Effects You Can Expect From Fruit Loops Feminized

You should look out for negative side effects in all marijuana strains, and that includes the use of these Fruit Loops buds. Being reckless with the amounts that you smoke will normally lead to feeling an irritation in the throat. While the hits are creamy, too much smoke could definitely bring out the harshness of its potency.

Also, dry eyes along with cottonmouth are two common side effects that you can expect from all types of strains. Being dehydrated and not having enough to drink is primarily the cause of these two sensations. Hydrate yourself with a bottle of water while smoking so that you can avoid a pair of dry, bloodshot eyes and parched lips.

How to Grow Fruit Loops Feminized

You will have little problems maintaining the heights of these Fruit Loops Feminized plants as they will only grow a fairly low and shrubby structure. As such, growers can easily top and trim the plants with minimal effort as well as keep them secretly hidden if they are aiming for a discreet micro-garden. But with this stout plant comes some very hardy and durable branches that will support the immensely fat and chunky buds. Each and every nug that you get will have a deep coating of trichomes that give it a juicy and mouth-watering appearance.

Fruit Loops Feminized seeds will be able to grow very well in a cooler and semi-humid climate. This helps it bring out the purple colors of this head-turning plant. It takes around 7 to 10 weeks to fully flower and develop its potency. Growers could look at their harvests to produce around 450g inside and 600g outside.


Fruit Loops Feminized Marijuana Strain Specifications

Type: Indica-dominant (55%), Feminized
Genetics Parents: Blueberry x Blue Dream x White Widow x Grapefruit
Flowering Period: 7 to 10 Weeks
Climate: Cool climate
Yield: 450g/m² indoors and 600g/plant outdoors
Flavors: Sweet Tangy, Berry, Spices, Fruity
THC Level: 18% to 20%
CBD Level: 0.6% to 0.8%
Height: 90cm to 100cm
Harvest Period: Late September to Late October
Growing Difficulty: Easy


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