Critical Blue Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Critical Blue Marijuana Seeds have high THC and strong yields as an Indica strain. It is a tiny plant, just 80 cm tall, but can yield up to 750 g/plant outdoors and about 400 g/m2 indoors. It has a wonderful taste of citrus, berry, velvety and spicy, all loved by consumers.

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Critical Blue Strain Characteristics

Many aspects stand out about Critical Blue, with its beautiful blueberry and citrus fragrance being the most noticeable. In the looks department, however, it does not hesitate either: its flowers are a thing to behold, with a dense layer of crystals suggesting intense potency. It easily ushers in a rising high when smoked, followed by profound body relaxation.

The effect of Blueberry, one of the parent strains, is plain to see: its famous fragrance and eye-catching colors are passed on by this legendary plant. On the other hand, Critical is an improved Big Bud edition. The original cultivar is one of the most commonly known strains, but it is vulnerable to molds due to the size and density of its buds. It was crossed with Skunk #1 for improved immunity to illness to solve this problem.

It is not too difficult to develop Critical Blue, but the previous experience can come in handy. To be beginner-friendly, it’s a little too necessary and needs a little more than proper maintenance. Critical Blue is an oasis in the tropics. In addition to a citrus twist and earthy tones, it exudes the same berry fragrance that made Blueberry a widespread marijuana sensation. It leaves a salty, sour aftertaste upon exhalation. The smell is very pungent, and it is strongly recommended to install an odor filter in the rising room.

Critical Blue Strain Effects

The journey starts with a cerebral lift that clears the mind and raises the soul. Amid fits of laughter, the subsequent euphoric rush would place you in a good mood. For a chilled-out evening session, it is a perfect strain to enjoy in social environments. The dose needs to be kept minimal, though. As the positive reinforcement continues, with a slight sedating sensation that affects the whole body, the Indica traits kick in. The muscles begin to wind down as the warm and cozy sensation expands. Such heavy-limbed effects slowly creep in, giving you more time before sleepiness sets in to experience the soothing high.

The mind and body will easily sink into oblivion if the dose is too high. Apart from the usual dry eyes and dry lips, blurred vision, anxiety, or nausea may happen. The catastrophic stone can also cause adverse effects. For medical users, Vital Blue could have valuable therapeutic benefits, and it may offer a brief relief from the symptoms of various physical and mental illnesses.

The lighter outlook is in itself a positive experience. The calming euphoria not only calms the mind but also helps relieve tension. This cheerful strain will support customers who suffer from social anxiety, as it makes conversations flow a little more flexibly. The chance of brain fog is low because of its laidback quality. More specifically, coupled with anxiolytic and anti-depressant effects, its mood-enhancing qualities can be a valuable source of relief for long-time depression, anxiety, and PTSD sufferers.

The brain-stimulating effects are also translated into the body. It is also said to minimize swelling and melt away chronic pain, in addition to helping eradicate muscle tension. In bringing a peaceful state of somnolence, physical and mental calmness is instrumental. Ultimately, as the calming sensation begins to ebb, it is almost unavoidable that the eyes will start feeling heavy.

What Growers Need To Know About Critical Blue Strain

Critical Blue is a short, dense plant with spectacular colors that grows dense fist-shaped buds. It begins with luscious green, but if exposed to a cold climate, shades of blue, pink, or purple will emerge. The glowing crystals around the top of the calyxes further increase the appeal of the bag.

Its fragrance is one of the most desirable characteristics of the plant. The priority of breeders over the last three decades was to produce hybrids with absurdly high THC levels, but all that changed after analysis found that many of the terpenes not only have therapeutic benefits but also improve the cannabinoid effects. Industrially speaking, the rich content of terpene is appealing to consumers as well. If the priority is quick and vigorous development, then a hydroponics setup is good. But organic soil is the way to go to optimize the aromatic characteristic that places Critical Blue in the ‘legendary strain’ group.

The whole process was conducted to strict standards, from cultivation to selection of the mother plants used in the development of Essential Blue feminized seeds. These seeds have unbelievably healthy genetics, and they yield tremendous results when planted in ideal conditions. The use of high-quality seeds also provides the tranquility that the plants can survive LST, HST, and other plant manipulation techniques.
The plant takes roughly 9 weeks to bloom once activated, either artificially or naturally. The output per square foot indoors is about 1.31 oz. The yield per plant may be as much as 26 ounces if grown outdoors in an environment with lots of sunshine.

Critical Blue Feminized Strain Specifications

Type : Indica
Climate : Indoor/Outdoor
Yield : Indoor 400 g/m2
Outdoor 750 gr/plant
Height : 80 cm
Flowering : Indoors 8 – 10 weeks
Outdoor October
Stone : Focused, Relaxed
THC level : 20%
Grow : Easy

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  1. Avatar for Arnaud Meilleur

    Arnaud Meilleur

    Sensitive and a tough plant. But I think this a strong plant too. I can say a quality genetics. I love its quality, less dense and smells so delicious for me. Over all good impact to me!

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