Cookies High CBD Marijuana Seeds

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Cookies Marijuana Seeds is LaMota’s Indica cannabis variety, and it smells heavenly like homemade cookies. You’re going to love its very strong and effective high, making it quite peaceful and relaxed. Be very alert, however, as if you skip your dosage, you can suffer from a couchlock. For discomfort, like headaches, chronic fatigue, muscle aches, and joint pains, you can use this strain.

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Cookies Strain Characteristics

This one, despite its name, Girl Scout Cookies, is not for girls. If you’re a seasoned cannabis smoker, you know the name or you know the GSC moniker. If you are just beginning your marijuana journey, you can never forget tasting this quality bud for the first time. This strain took its home state of California by storm with the famous parentage of OG Kush and a Durban Poison F1 Hybrid, leaving a wake along the way of happy, satisfied smokers. This is a fan favorite for a reason, with numerous awards and a Cannabis Cup win. It will lead you on a ride you’ll want to take again and again with a consistent THC amount of around 20 and 28 percent. However, make sure to use it at the end of the day because the Indica impact can kick in short order, making you relaxed in no time. The Girl Scout Cookies strain remains a widely searched-after strain and a favorite among the marijuana community in the USA to this day.

The fragrance in the immediate vicinity is symbolic of a Sunday morning stroll through a bakery. Similar to a designer coffee laced with nutmeg and allspice, filling the olfactory senses with a rich nutty vanilla taste. The earthy pungent smell generally associated with marijuana is light and not overpowering, but for certain baked goods, your neighbors might come knocking. Think chocolate cookies with a peppery twist of nutmeg. This exquisite strain of smoke covers your mouth like a multi-layered coffee made by the finest barista in the world. Some smokers talk of a sweet raspberry, a flavor of lemony mint, and other smokers report a flavor like vanilla spice. Try it out for yourself and shape your view, but be ready to want more because they are certain to have your taste buds buzzing regardless of the flavors you taste.

Cookies Strain Effects

This strain comprises an almost identical amount of THC and CBD, with both varying from 7 percent to 12 percent, unlike its high-THC mother. It delivers a milder euphoric encounter that is better suited to casual and friendly parties, rather than packing a huge punch with a mental high like the original GSC. A warm and friendly heaviness steadily creeps in courtesy of its Indica genetics once the subtle yet upbeat cerebral boost tapers off. The mild sedation washes the body and drives stress and muscle tension away, allowing you to bask in lazy satisfaction. Its implications make it a great nighttime burden for a long and exhausting day to be capped.

consumption can lead to adverse effects such as fear and anxiety, despite its calming effects, so careful dosing and moderation are imperative. Some side effects are almost unavoidable regardless of the dose, such as dizziness, cottonmouth, and dry eyes. Usually, the latter two can be alleviated if you remain hydrated adequately. This strain is also said to exhibit greater therapeutic benefits, in addition to its therapeutic advantages. For the treatment of pain, depression, and chronic stress, its uplifting effects may be well-suited. THC and CBD coupled can also provide comfort from deep-seated pain and swelling, which can be helpful in patients with arthritis and other chronic illnesses. The deeply calming effect of CBD Girl Scout Cookies may also be useful in treating insomnia and other sleep problems. As a potential cure for the loss of appetite encountered by chemotherapy patients or those affected by eating disorders, its munchie-inducing sensation is well-regarded.

What Growers Need To Know About Cookies Strain

Although the easiest strain to develop may not be CBD Girl Scout Cookies, it is not the most difficult either. The plants are a pure pleasure to grow if you are prepared with sufficient research and proper knowledge of the strategies of marijuana horticulture. The plant is grown mainly in wet, tropical weather, but indoor growing is also necessary as it doesn’t get higher than 2 feet. CBD Girl Scout Cookies is a small, robust, and shaggy plant requiring topping to facilitate more efficient flower development.

Each plant can generate 14 to 17 ounces of small, dark green buds with adequate treatment, which are wrapped with tangerine pistils and snuggled in dark purple leaves. It takes only eight weeks and, when grown outdoors, is normally ready by late September. However, its whirlwind of orange, amber, and purple colors is not the only thing to behold, due to its otherworldly resin production, there is also a thick covering of frosty trichomes.


Cookies High CBD Strain Specifications

Type : Indica
Climate : Indoor/Outdoor
Yield : Indoor 400 – 500 g/m2
Outdoor 400 – 500 gr/plant
Height : Short
Flowering : Indoors 8 – 10 weeks
Outdoor late-September
Stone : Euphoric, Relaxed
THC level : 15%
Grow : Moderate

2 reviews for Cookies High CBD Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Michael Lundgren

    Michael Lundgren

    Looking for great relaxant? I can recommend this strain for you to start growing. Cannabis is such a great healer for me. It soothes my muscle pain. It relaxes me. It gives me comfort which for sure will everyone needs. Growing this strain will be no problem, I assure you. Excellent for me!

  2. Avatar for Amiel Chua

    Amiel Chua

    This has got one of the most relaxing highs out there that doesn’t seem to make me feel sluggish. I could still function properly after having a joint of this cbd strain. It works very well in keeping me off other medications and painkillers! Pretty mellow body buzz that makes me feel fresh! Tasted very sweet like cookie dough and a little hint of skunk in there as well. I recommend this strain to anyone looking for pain killing cbd seeds! Practically grows indoors and outdoors with the same yields. Quick to produce nugs and does a fine job in resisting diseases and staying fresh! Good seeds to have at all times!

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