Chocolope Candy Marijuana Seeds Regular

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Chocolope Candy Marijuana Seeds is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain with a high THC at 19% and will produce good yields up to 650 grams per plant outdoors and up to 550 grams per square meter indoors. This strain is euphoric, happy, and relaxing with delicious chocolate, coffee, sweet, pungent, and tropical flavors.

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More About Chocolope Candy (Regular)

A sweet treat

Chocolope Candy is a Sativa-leaning plant famous for its powerful cerebral kick that would make its consumers greatly ecstatic and pleased. Frequently considered as a hard-hitting cross, its coffee-chocolate taste is simply among the boldest flavors, and this plant’s fragrance is quite clear. It is not shocking why this weed is an enthusiast choice. The mental rush is quite powerful and develops peace of mind to its users.

Its disadvantages produced can involve dry mouth and eyes. Its THC content is precisely 19%. Its CBD content is within 0 – 1%. When this grain sprouts, it can be a lofty and potent Sativa weed. This can create squashy and tangerine pistils, including leaves coated in a crystal.

As stated, denoting a regular seed can deliver either male or female sprout. The altitude attained is approximately 25 to 55 inches. Its crops produce in masses approximately 20 ounces per square meter.

1 review for Chocolope Candy Marijuana Seeds Regular

  1. Avatar for Nicolas Grimard

    Nicolas Grimard

    I am growing a lot of strains but this one has a lot to offer. A very potent plant. Less dense buds and unique scent of aroma. Can’t wait to smoke!

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