Auto CBD Kush Marijuana Seeds

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Auto CBD Kush is an automatic version of the famous OG Kush. The OG Kush is highly regarded as “The West coast weed” being bred and famously loved by peeps from the West coast. A perfect mix of flavor and balanced CBD to THC ratio makes the Auto CBD Kush Cannabis strain a favorite among medical marijuana patients. This weed was bred by crossing OG Kush with a pure CBD Ruderalis that resulted in this lighter Kush strain but all its characteristics are still present. This mellow and therapeutic auto-flowering cannabis gives its users sweet-smelling scents, moderate yields, and its known psychedelic effects. The psychoactive effects of this strain, due to its relatively low THC content are subtle and quite tame compared to other marijuana strains with higher THC content. Thus the Auto CBD Kush Cannabis is a perfect medical cannabis strain alternative for those with a low THC tolerance. The anxious and paranoid effects brought about by THC to low tolerant patients are not applicable here.

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Auto CBD Kush Characteristics

Normal Kush marijuana strains tend to grow quite tall but their auto-flowering varieties are smaller by nature. When grown indoors, they grow to about 4 feet but when grown outdoors and exposed to all of nature’s bounty, they can grow to as high as 10 feet in height! The Auto CBD Kush variety grows packed and dense lime green-hued buds that really grow big and heavy, thus it is highly recommended to put stakes around her lanky branches to support these heavy growing nugs.

Auto CBD Kush tastes a variety of citrus flavors mixed with the pungent diesel/fuel flavors. This is the great hallmark of its parent strain the OG Kush. It has sweet citrus flavors which mixed with those pungent aromas make it a great smoke with a very intense taste. This connotes that the weed has a balanced taste of potency and fruitiness.

Its aromas on the other hand, if this weed is properly cured, give off a variety of scents. Its smoke will fill up the room with an aroma of predominantly mixed fruit with earthy and diesel undertones.

Auto CBD Kush Effects

This strain is considered medical cannabis with its High CBD content. This strain will not offer any couch-locked state to its users as the high CBD content controls the psychoactive effects coming from the THC of this strain. It will offer a calming tranquil high that will keep the user’s minds active at the same time. A unique combination of being relaxed, calm, uplifted mood, and happy will be provided by this strain. Mental stimulation will help the users be alert while being relaxed. Its mood-enhancing effect is a great way to combat stress and depression as thoughts of negativity are all washed away and replaced with happy thoughts that will pervade the user’s mind and make him function properly. This is because mentally stressed and depressed individuals cannot perform most of their daily functions due to the burden they carry in their stressed-out minds. By eliminating these worrisome thoughts, an individual may now function properly and productively.

Its relaxing properties are also a perfect way to relax both the body and mind. The user’s nerves are untangled, while joints and muscles are soothed with the physical effects brought about by this strain. This makes it a good weed to use when suffering from some minor aches and pains such as joint pains, headaches, and muscle spasms.

What Growers Need To Know About Auto CBD Kush Seeds

The Auto CBD Kush grows quite tall for a hybrid and her dense and tightly packed buds will grow large and heavy so it is recommended to support the branches that carry these buds to prevent them from snapping off. This plant tends to grow lanky and branchy. Novice growers will find this bud a good way to introduce themselves to the world of cannabis cultivation as they are fairly easy to grow, thus a novice grower may hone his cannabis cultivating skills using this particular strain. The Auto CBD Kush typically yields more when grown indoors than outdoors. This strain prefers to grow in warm, sunny, and humid climates.

The grower has the advantage of being able to control growth conditions when this plant is grown indoors. By adjusting growth conditions, the grower can set adequate temperature levels, lighting schedules, and humidity levels to give the plant its most desired climate conditions. Since this is an auto-flowering variety, there is not much need for lighting and it will start to flower at only 7 to 8 weeks, with yields of up to 14 ounces of top quality weed indoors.

Growing this plant outdoors will make the plant really grow tall and develop a lot of branches. This is because the plant is exposed to all that nature can provide to them. And they are in their natural environment, thus it can grow wild and free. It is with this that the plant needs to be constantly topped by trimming its upper canopy once in a while as this will also promote lateral growth where new buds may form. It will enter its flowering stage in about 7 to 8 weeks and yield about 5 ounces of fresh bud per plant.


Auto CBD Kush Strain Specifications

Type : 50% Sativa and 50% Indica
Climate : Sunny, Dry, and Temperate
Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : 14 ounces indoors and 5 ounces outdoor
Height : Average
Flowering : 7-8 weeks
Stone : Euphoric, Happy, Hungry, Relaxed, and Sleepy
THC level : 7%
CBD level : 7-8%
Grow : Easy

2 reviews for Auto CBD Kush Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Curtis Kucera

    Curtis Kucera

    It was excessively amusing to fill in my patio. Content with my outcomes also, got like genuinely 450 grams for each plant. This is presumably a decent go-to strain for anybody, regardless of on the off chance that they are recreational smokers, or carefully restorative smokers. Love this strain. I would highly suggest!

  2. Avatar for Irvin Gramley

    Irvin Gramley

    This is a very enjoyable strain to have. It grows like a dream, super healthy and fast developing plants. They were ready for harvest in about 8 weeks. Got some sizable yields for an auto strain as well. Very nice amount of trichomes in the buds, super fragrant and earthy smelling strain. The taste was very piney as well! I’m not naturally fond of sweet strains, I prefer the classic flavors more. I needed a beater for my migraines and this really helped clear my head. Very smooth and enjoyed it a lot! It started off in he head and ended with a nice cold body high

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