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The mellow, soothing, and therapeutic high from Auto CBD Haze makes it a top choice for Haze fans. This Sativa leaning hybrid was created to aid medicinal cannabis users in their most mental ailments. Auto CBD Haze is made by breeding the Haze XXL marijuana strain along with the Pure CBD Ruderalis strain. With a nearly balanced THC to CBD ratio of 7% THC and 8% CBD, this strain offers cannabis patients a long-lasting cerebral high. The high CBD content in this weed balances out the otherwise intense effects brought about by THC. The healing potential of CBD in this strain makes it a go-to weed for a lot of medical cannabis patients.

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Auto CBD Haze Chacteristics

Auto CBD Haze marijuana is a mid-sized cannabis strain that appears bushy and full of long branches. Its buds are fully packed with those CBD compounds. The orange-hued pistils that cover the plant have an appealing appearance that perfectly accents its appearance. This weed has inherited all the great characteristics of its mother,

Haze strain in aroma and taste. It smells of haze with an intense incense aroma mixed in with that distinguishing citrus and pine scents. It also tastes as good as it smells with that familiar haze flavor accompanied by undertones of tropical fruits, pine, and citrus.

Auto CBD Haze Effects

The almost balanced CBD to THC ratio of this plant somewhat negates the full psychoactive prowess of this strain. It delivers a mild cerebral high that keeps the patients contented when using this strain. The high CBD content of this strain gives a relaxing high that leaves the user perfectly functioning well and alert without feeling drowsy which is usually the effect of high THC content in weed. A relaxing and calm effect will make the users feel euphoric and alert. This is a perfect strain for combating stress and depression as the mind is cleared of any negativity that may pervade the patient’s mind. This hampers the productivity of an individual as they are aimlessly thinking about all cynical thoughts. The weed washes this all away and instead brings in pure positive and happy thoughts.

Aside from the mental effects brought by Auto CBD Haze weed, some physical effects will manifest themselves on the user. A mild sedating and relaxing high will give the patient relief from some minor aches and pains such as headaches, joint pains, and muscle spasms. It also can stop nausea and prevent vomiting. This makes it a perfect complement to aid patients undergoing chemotherapy as these are side effects of chemotherapy sessions. Lastly, this weed can induce the patients’ appetite so those with eating disorders look to this strain to aid in their eating habits.

What Growers Need To Know About Auto CBD Haze Strain

The Auto CBD Haze strain is a very easy strain to grow. It can whether be grown indoors or outdoors. Every novice plant grower may grow strain to help hone their skills in cannabis cultivation and prepare them for harder strains in the future. This plant prefers to grow in a warm, sunny, and humid climate, thus if growing indoors, the grower may be able to control the growing conditions and set them at the plants’ desired levels. These conditions are temperature, humidity level, lighting schedule, and nutrient feeding. It is also important to top this weed or induce more lateral growth of branches so buds may form from these new branches. By pruning the bigger and lower leaves of this plant, the grower will be promoting proper air circulation and allow light to penetrate the insides of the plant and reach those buds which may not be reachable by light. This will make the buds grow denser and maximize its potential output. By growing this indoor, since it is an auto-flowering variety, expect flowering to start in a relatively fast 8 to 10 weeks and yield about 300 grams of nugs per square meter.

If you happen to live in an area where it is warm and sunny, then this cannabis strain may thrive there. Just remember the pruning and topping techniques mentioned above to have this plant growing out to its maximum outdoor potential. Flowering will be the same at 8 to 10 weeks but yields will be much lower at 100 grams per plant.


Auto CBD Haze Strain Specifications

Type : Sativa Dominant with Ruderalis
Climate : Sunny, Dry, and Temperate Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : 300 grams indoors and 100 grams outdoor
Height : Short
Flowering : 8 to 10 weeks
Stone : Uplifting, Focused, Clear headed, and Relaxed
THC level : 7%
CBD level : 8%
Grow : Medium

1 review for Auto CBD Haze Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Donald Martin

    Donald Martin

    After purchasing online my plants had a great grow very excited for the taste and aroma of this marijuana. I love its sweet earthy taste suppresses depression nicely, gives tons of focus. Energetic buzz, makes you wanna do stuff. I would say the best strain that I’ve ever grown!

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