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Auto CBD Cheese Marijuana seeds are easy to propagate as long as they are properly germinated. These uncomplicated plants are easy to grow as long as the environmental conditions are warm and humid But since this is an Autoflowering strain, it does not require much need for light before it will start to flower. This particular marijuana strain is a high CBD cannabis that contains 12% levels, which makes it perfect as a medicinal marijuana option for medical marijuana patients.

Sometime in the 1980s, a third marijuana species was discovered called the Ruderalis. They found out that this species could flower without the mush need for light. It was not light-dependent, thus when crossed with another strain, the resulting offspring became what is now known as an auto-flowering strain.

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Auto CBD Cheese Characteristics

As its name implies, this strain is full of cheesy goodness! The mellowing effects of Auto CBD cheese cannabis are enhanced by the flowery and cheesy scents it emits. For cannabis users who have a fondness for cheese, this strain is the perfect weed for you to enjoy. Aside from smelling like “stinking” but delightfully cheddar cheese, it tastes like cheese as well. It actually is a mix of several flavors as the Auto CBD Cheese marijuana strain, it has hints of herbal, sweet citrus, and earthy tones to both its flavor and aroma.

The Auto CBD Cheese strain is a short growing plant, inherited from its ruderalis lineage. The heavy resin production is seen from appearing to be shimmering as the silvery-white hues tend to stand out. It is these resinous buds that send us those delightful aromas. For first time users, the smell may seem to be overpowering unless you are a known cheese connoisseur ( turophile).

Auto CBD Cheese Effects

Auto CBD Cheese strain elevates the user’s moods while it relaxes both the body and mind. Fits of giggles are also expected from this strain as an elated feeling will engulf the user. The relaxing and mood-altering effects of this strain make it a perfect option to use even if you are just stressed about something as all negativity are washed away and replaced with unadulterated joy.

Auto CBD Cheese cannabis is considered a therapeutic strain. With its high CBD content, it is an effective remedy to treat numerous disorders. CBD is the cannabinoid present in the cannabis plant that has been proven to treat seizures, improve the quality of sleep, and may even reduce inflammation. Auto CBD Cheese is most known for its ability to put medical marijuana patients in a deeply relaxing state. Other disorders this strain may provide treatment for are the following:

  • relief from migraines and headaches
  • Arthritis relief
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Relief from stress, anxiety, and depression

New users may easily adapt to this weed due to moderate THC content while enjoying the high that comes with it.

What Growers Need To Know About Auto CBD Cheese Marijuana Seeds

This strain may be grown either indoors or outdoors. But as the yields show, indoor harvest seems to produce more yield than outdoors. This may be because of the controlled conditions of indoor growing that produce a more effective yield. This plant prefers to grow in a warm, sunny, and humid environment, and adjusting indoor growing conditions to meet these requirements will make this plant happy and produce higher yields. Growing outdoors will be more difficult as the plants are at the mercy of nature and its unpredictable attitude.

Expect this plant to start flowering in 10 to 11 weeks. Indoor yield will give the cultivator 450 grams of bud per square meter while outdoor grows will yield approximately 60 grams to 170 grams per plant.

Auto CBD Cheese Specifications

Type : 25% Sativa, 25% Indica and 50% Ruderalis
Climate : Warm, Sunny, and Humid Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : 450 grams indoors and 60 to 170 grams outdoors
Height : Short
Flowering : 10-11 weeks
Stone : Uplifting, Euphoric, Energizing and Relaxed
THC level : 6%
CBD level : 12%
Grow : Medium

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    Kristina Rutherford

    This is one of the best strain I bought. I started with 10 Seeds Pack. All sees are perfect, germinated and was easy to grow. I put them in a good place with led light around them. Thanks its getting bigger now. And have a healthy leaves. Finally I have grown a weed at my own! Cheers!

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