Price $90 – $200

Why do Autoflowering and Feminized marijuana seeds are more expensive than the regular seeds?

Autoflowering and Feminized marijuana seeds are specially breed for a special purpose that’s why they are more expensive than any other regular marijuana strains. You will surely be satisfied with what you’ll get if you order these kinds of marijuana seed strains.

What are Autoflowering and Feminized marijuana seeds?

Autoflowering and feminized marijuana plants are genetically engineered to provide every grower an ease in growing weed. Autoflowering marijuana plants have the ability to flower quickly even and are not dependent to lighting which means that you don’t need to change the light cycle just to get them to flower. Feminized marijuana strains do not produce seeds and only buds which are good for smoking. Both can provide every smoker and grower the chance for a quicker finish and a good smoke.

Will I get some free marijuana seeds when I order from your seed bank?

Yes, you will get high quality free marijuana seeds with your order in this price range because we will ship free seeds for orders more than $420 excluding shipping fees. The free marijuana seeds that you will receive are a mix of our best weed which we are giving away so that you can try them out. You will surely have something new in your garden if you grow them. We are not giving away bad marijuana seed strains. Just because they are free doesn’t mean that they are low quality. We randomly picked them from our inventory of premium and high quality indoor and outdoor marijuana strains.

You can either receive 10 free regular marijuana seeds or 5 free feminized marijuana seeds if you order feminized seed strains. For any questions our free seeds offer, you can visit our blog or you can contact our customer service representatives during our business hours.