Understanding Pop Corn Buds and How They Are Used

popcorn buds

As the name implies, popcorn buds, are specifically buds from cannabis plants that are a bit smaller than popcorn kernel. These are considered as lower-grade buds because of its size compared to the Grade-A buds that are mainly used for various purposes. 

However, this does not mean that popcorn buds are not useful at all. What makes this nice about popcorn buds is its affordability and availability. This means that you can immediately buy it compared to high-quality buds that are always in demand, and the supplies are limited. 

In terms of potency, popcorn buds are at par with the Grade-A buds, if not a bit lower than the latter since these are the same strains that are produced for commercial use and grown by the same cultivator. 

Why are there Popcorn Buds in the First Place? 

Until now, there is no valid explanation of why popcorn buds exist. Even the best cultivators in the world are baffled to this condition. Many accepted it as a natural part of a cannabis plant to grow itself smaller buds in its entire life cycle. However, there are many ways to minimize popcorn buds from growing on your cannabis plant.

Its growth is a triggered reaction according to those who have studied it. The main reason for cannabis plants to develop popcorn buds is mainly related to stress. In the majority of cases, excessive heat is the one that causes stress to cannabis plants. This causes its flowers to lose their quality and lose their buds. This often happens to outdoor growers.

Massive colas usually come with popcorn buds. Many cultivators do not let their plants grow with popcorn buds because it simply lacks the concentration and lacks the punch in generating the trichomes. It is cheaper and is not that marketable to users. 

Indoor growers are less susceptible to popcorn buds since they have more control over the growing environment of their plants. For those planning to grow cannabis, one of the surest ways to prevent popcorn buds is to have control over the environment and regularly checking on the plant’s overall condition.

Ways to Prevent Popcorn Buds from Growing

Also, it is highly advisable to change the distance between the growing lights and the plants if you’re worried that this might result in producing popcorn buds and other undesirable buds that can ruin the overall quality of the harvest. 

Outdoor growing has no control over the environment’s temperature. However, many believed that this could alleviate the effects on the plants that cause less stress. All you need to do is to provide your plants some sort of a greenhouse where you can install a screen or a shaded area so that it won’t be exposed to the sun excessively. This can create a huge difference in keeping your plants safe from both the excessive heat from the sun and other threats that surround it. 

Also, other key factors cause popcorn buds, and these are over shading and overcrowding. Overcrowding often happens in indoor cultivation wherein plants are not properly distanced from each other while over shading prevents the plants from getting enough light. However, this can also happen for outdoor cultivation, especially if the growing area is too dense and packed that the plants start to compete from each other to get light and nutrients. 

To prevent all of these from happening, your plants should be well-placed so that it will produce healthy and bigger buds. Also, pruning can help popcorn buds from growing and prevent larger leaves from growing. Trimming can also help the buds that are growing on the lower part of the cannabis plant to get enough light and helps in preventing popcorn buds from forming. 

Popcorn Buds’ Pros and Cons

Aside from being Grade-B buds, popcorn buds are also known for having issues with quantity. It also has less concentrate and does not have the market appeal to many cannabis users compared to healthy and full-sized buds. Many cultivators are not very keen on letting popcorn buds from growing on their plants for commercial reasons—it just does not sell very well. 

With that in mind, there are pros and cons to popcorn buds, even if it provides the same high and effects as a fully grown and healthy buds, it is just in smaller concentrations of high. 

For cannabis users, there is a good side of using popcorn buds. There are many cultivators and distributors out there that sell popcorn buds at a big discount. Many users are patronizing popcorn buds because of its affordability. This is also one of the best ways to test a new strain of cannabis without putting a hole in their pockets. This is the best way to get a sample of a newly introduced strain in the market since popcorn buds do exist in plants. Popcorn buds are probably the most useful in terms of buying for edibles that can be used for vaping. 

Popcorn Buds are Still Useful

If you’re not too meticulous in choosing your weed, popcorn buds are still good to smoke, a lot of people who have their backyard grown weed loves this for various reasons. However, they are thinner compared to the average weed cola. They also have minimal trichomes. Thus, it contains a lower level of THC. If you’re not a connoisseur, this will do and won’t be that bad if you’re just trying to relax and chill, but for a regular smoker, popcorn buds just don’t sell to them that easy. 

Popcorn buds can be used as concentrates and edibles, just like what is mentioned above. Popcorn buds can be used to manufacture concentrates or resin for various edible cannabis products. Making edibles, however, are very easy since the materials and resources that are being used are from leftovers of the harvested weed, which includes popcorn buds, weaker plants, clippings, and unwanted leaves. These are all thrown into a mixer and are manufacture to various products.

Using all parts of cannabis to produce various products, is a great way to maximize the plant’s entire purpose, which includes popcorn buds for sure. However, this means that the quality of the edible products cannot be determined and can be very inconsistent most of the time. You should always 

Maximizing everything to produce concentrates is a great way to use all parts of the weed. However, this means that the overall quality of the edible products can be inconsistent. This is because you are not informed about the strains that are used in making those edibles. 

Various Products that Use Popcorn Buds

Plants simply have their way to go sideways despite the proper nursing and to grow you’ve done; thus, popcorn buds will always be there. Instead of getting rid of it, cultivators find the best way to use it and maximize its benefits. Since it grows to plants without a doubt, you should not fret about it. Even though these are not concentrated or potent as a fully-grown bud, these are still very useful for various things. 

If you’re interested in learning the various products that popcorn buds can be used, check out a detailed list below. 

Resin & Hash

Popcorn buds can be used easily and stored easily for resin or hash. Creating resin is typically made after an entire harvest. Since the keif was collected using trays for trimming that have screens on it. The keif will be processed into a hash or a resin that is also used for different products where popcorn buds are an ideal added to the entire mixture.

Edibles and CBD Oils

Also, popcorn buds are used to process edibles and CBD oils. A lot of cultivators market their own popcorn buds for people that manufacture processed cannabis plants. Using popcorn buds lets the manufacturer save more instead of using their top-quality crops that can be used for distribution to dispensaries and online shops compared to setting it aside to make edibles and CBD oils. 

Is there a Difference Popcorn Buds have When Smoked? 

Popcorn buds are very smokable, just like your average buds and flowers, even though it is less potent compared to Grade-A cannabis. A lot of growers use popcorn buds as an alternative to their main products and are sold at a more affordable price point, considering that these are graded very low in terms of THC content in its trichomes. 

Popcorn buds are preferred by users who do not want to get the very strong and potent effects of cannabis. Popcorn buds are ideal for people who are seeking relaxation and upliftment since most Grade-A cannabis stimulates the body with euphoric effects, which for some, is not that enjoyable. 

It is best used for people who want to tranquilize themselves to fight sleeplessness and other sleeping disorders, as well as stress and anxiety. 

It may lack the potent effects, but popcorn buds are perfect for relaxing the mind and body. 

Final Thoughts

Popcorn buds may lack the overall quality that is marketable. However, it provides a great alternative for those who are not keen on smoking Grade-A cannabis for various reasons. Instead of getting rid of it, take advantage of its uses.