What is Ocimene: Comprehensive Explanation


100 different terpenes can be found in the Cannabis plant. You can get some health benefits from each of them. They have a complex aroma, and it’s probably where the therapeutic effects begin. They even work with CBD and THC to intensify the healing process through the entourage effect.

Ocimene is one of the terpenes that is unknown to many. But it contains numerous health benefits. It is specifically a monoterpene that gives Cannabis plants the woody smell along with floral sweetness. It will make you feel like you’re in the middle of the woods while you consume weed with ocimene.

The Function of Ocimene

Ocimene is not only found in Cannabis, but other natural sources are basil, kumquat, lavender, mint, mango, orchid, pepper, ginger, and parsley. It works well with other terpenes such as myrcene and alpha-pinene. 

Terpenes have a contribution to how the world smells. Cannabis is one of the sources that can produce an essential oil that would preserve essential oils. They don’t only smell great, but they have therapeutic effects. 20,000 terpenes are recorded, and 100 of them come from Cannabis. 

It is also essential in the perfume industry as it is used for the herbaceous, floral, and sweet profile. It provides protection too for the plant from harmful elements, so it’s akin to a defense mechanism. It can shoo mosquitoes, aphids, and other pests away. Ocimene can also attract the predators of those insects. So instead of the plant getting destroyed by them, some animals prey on them. 

Health Benefits from Ocimene

Researchers have dug into the potential medical benefits of ocimene. They came upon promising effects of this terpene. It’s a motivating start to continue further studies that are necessary to establish its credibility.


An analysis of a study was published in Chemistry and Biodiversity in the mentioned ocimene. It was done to know the power of essential oils in fighting SARS-CoV, which can cause respiratory conflicts like coronavirus and herpes simplex virus. Laurus nobilis oil has shown antiviral effects against herps. This oil contains beta-ocimene, cineole, alpha-pinene, and beta-pinene.


In 2015, a study appeared in the Journal of Natural Medicine. Researchers looked at the antifungal properties of oils like Angelica major if it can combat Candida and other species.

The chosen oil contains ocimene and alpha-pinene. The result of the study reveals that ocimene can act as an antifungal combined with other terpenes. It can cure dermatophytosis or ringworm and cryptococcosis.


A study of essential oil called Oenanthe crocata L. and ocimene is one of the main terpenes found. It supported the result of the other studies, as seen in the journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology. It shows that ocimene has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antifungal properties. These characteristics can successfully eliminate ringworms or dermatophytes.


The essential oil that is extracted from black pepper has anti-oxidative properties. As mentioned above, pepper is one of the sources of ocimene. To make it happen, alpha and beta-pinene work with it. So it can be used to alleviate hypertension and type 2 diabetes.

As a Decongestant

Ocimene as a monoterpene is used as a decongestant as it is like a tonic for mucous membranes. It provides relief to a congested nose. It was discovered from a study that was published in the South African Journal of Botany. 

Wild ginger was used in the research. It is used for sinus problems, asthma, and influenza. To use it, rhizomes should be placed in hot infusion. Then they are being steamed to inhale the vapor.


Ocimene is traditionally recognized as anti-epileptic in Iranian folklore medicine. It is supported by what was written in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology in 2004. An essential oil called Artemisia dracunculus has 20.6% ocimene show properties for anti-epileptic.

Things That You Need to Know When Taking Ocimene

The possible way to take ocimene is through infusing essential oils that contain this terpene. You can vape or smoke CBD flowers to gain all the cannabinoids present in Cannabis. It’s also your chance to experience the entourage effect. Aside from CBD oil, it can be found in oils made of lavender, bergamot, bigarade, hop, and ho leaf.

The acceptable boiling point for ocimene is from 60 to 66 degrees Celsius. A good vaporizer should be set at a very low-temperature setting. You can adjust it so you can get most of the terpenes.

When ocimene is directly sent to your lungs, it can make you cough. It’s one of the unwanted symptoms when a person smokes Cannabis. An adequate or low amount is tolerable. Lung damage can occur when it is swallowed, so you have to be careful. You should avoid applying essential oil with ocimene on your skin as it can bring irritation. 

Ocimene in Cannabis

One of the reasons that ocimene doesn’t receive a lot of recognition in the Cannabis community as it is not the main terpene in the plant. It can be the second or the third most massive terpene found in some strains. Yes, some of them may have higher ocimene than the other.

Clementine is the strain with the highest ocimene among the others. It’s not that dominant, and it’s not common for it to be the second abundant terpene in a strain. 

Some strains that you can depend on to get ocimene are OG Kush, Sour Diesel Strawberry Cough, and Purple Haze. They have an ample amount on them. OG Kush with ocimene tends to give off the scent of diesel, spice, pine, earth, and citrus. Sour Diesel is a celebrity strain that is known for being pungent and aromatic. It’s no wonder that ocimene abounds in it.

 Of course, you can expect strawberry and tropical fruits from Strawberry Cough. Purple Haze, an award-winning strain, has a scent of sweet, fresh, and tropical along with ocimene. Other strains that have some ocimene are Dream Queen, Dutch Treat, Green Crack, Golden Pineapple, and J1.

Final Words

You may be glad to know a lot about ocimene as it is a terpene that can give you a lot of health benefits. It’s good to know that you get more things when you consume Cannabis. You can check out the strains that contain a lot of ocimene. Some may not need to as those strains are popular, so one has used it.