Mixing Weed Strains: What Will Happen?

mixing weed strains

Almost all cannabis users have their favorite. But do you have to limit yourself to only one strain? Mixing weed strains is possible but you need to consider many factors to make sure that you stay safe when your dose up.

What Happens When You Mix Different Weed Strains?

There are thousands of cannabis strains to choose from. Some strains are made for mental stimulation while some are used for a bodily relaxation. Some strains are potent but some may not be as powerful. Most users develop a favorite strain after experiencing a good high while some use a particular strain for its medical benefits.

But when you mix two strains, you’ll experience the best of what each one can offer although sometimes the effect of one strain may affect the other strain, and thus, you’ll end up with only a very potent dose.

Blending the properties of each strain is the best way to go but careful thought is needed to make sure that the outcome is not too potent and not too weak. And if you’re consuming two strains to get the most out of their medical effects, the best way to start is to consult your doctor. Never take any strain that’s not prescribed by your marijuana-friendly doctor.

Why Do Cannabis Users Mix Strains?

Cannabis users mix strains because of the following reasons:

  • To get the most out of the recreational effects of two strains
  • To get the most of the two strain’s therapeutic effects.
  • To balance the effect of a potent weed.
  • To boost the effect of a weak but flavorful strain.
  • To experience the different delicious flavors of weed.

Any of these reasons sound familiar to you? At some point, you may have also considered combining strains especially when you’re not satisfied with the result of your high. This is possible but we urge you to take extra caution. This is how hybrid strains came to be. But remember, consider the disadvantages of combining different strains as well.

Disadvantages of Mixing Strains

As you combine the different effects and flavors of different strains you’re also combining their unwanted effects. Therefore, it’s hard to predict exactly what will happen. Also, you might experience an increase in potency when two powerful cannabis strains combine. It’s also possible that a potent strain may weaken after combining it with a potent strain. The negative effects are endless.

It’s very important to understand the different effects and side effects of each strain to avoid becoming too overwhelmed. And as with consuming any new strain, you must always be careful, take moderate doses and observe your physical and mental reactions to the strain’s effects.

How to Mix Different Strains

There are thousands of cannabis strains and therefore there are thousands of more combinations to check out. Mixing two different powerful strains may improve your mental clarity and focus at work while two very relaxing strains can help you calm down and even go to bed during nighttime.

You may also try to combine the effects of opposite highs to one satisfying experience. Combining a strain with subtle effects to an overwhelming strain can help calm the latter. It’s just a matter of carefully studying which strain goes well with what strain.

Some users agree that combining two different strains without much consideration of their effects and side effects will work but it’s hard to predict what happens. So if you want a tailored effect, think about the terpene and cannabinoid profiles of each strain.


Cannabinoids produce the general effect that determines each high. Steel THC levels can enhance your high and make the strain very psychoactive. THC effects are euphoria, increased mood, happiness, and extreme hunger. THC can also cause paranoia and nervousness.

CBD does not produce any kind of high but will provide a clear-headed effect that can reduce tension and promote peace of mind. THC and CBD are just two of the hundreds of cannabinoids in a marijuana plant. Experts are still exploring the effects of these cannabinoids especially CBG, CBC, CBN, THCV plus many more but these are found in minute amounts n weed.

If you have a high CBG weed, combine this train with another favorite strain, and check the overall effects of these strains.


Terpenes provide the taste and effect of weed. Strains with different terpene profiles will produce a diverse flavor. Terpenes can also modulate your high therefore you need to consider these when you’re combining strains.

The terpenes linalool and limonene can provide a tangy and zesty taste. Having these terpenes in any strain will immediately enhance the taste of the partner strain. Meanwhile, humulene and pinene produce an earthy and deep taste and flavor. Surprisingly, the two augment each other’s high and flavor and the result is a refreshing tone. Myrcene and caryophyllene is a good combination of pepper and spice like tasting a delicious dish.

Sativa or Indica

We all know that indica strains will produce a more relaxing to a stoning effect with a physical high while sativa strains can energize you. Recently, researchers recommend that growers and consumers should stop classifying weed through their cultivars but rather through their chemical varieties or chemovars.

This is a good idea as the chemical makeup of strains may vary depending on the environmental factors and the variation of the phenotypes. The chemovar system can greatly identify the different qualities of different cannabis specimens.

Sativa and Indica strains also vary in appearance with indica plants being very bushy while sativas grow too tall and lanky plants. Scientists also say that indica and sativa strains come with high amounts of terpenes in many instances. You will be able to successfully control and balance the relaxing or stimulating high of each strain by studying very well your cultivar combinations.

Now that you know that mixing weed strains is possible, you must always exercise caution when you take mixed strains. Don’t overlook the effects, flavors, and most especially the side effects of each strain so you’ll know what to expect when your dose up.