Long Flowering (65 – 75 days)

Common marijuana seeds related questions from new and returning customers

We have received emails from our customers both new and returning. We have outlined some of the common questions and we try to answer them so that you will be guided just in case you have the same questions.

Are you a legitimate marijuana seed company?

Yes, we are a legal marijuana seed bank located in Canada. We offer worldwide shipping to all our marijuana seed items. The shipping fee and time may differ depending on where you are located at. For more information, please contact our customer service representatives.

Where do you ship your marijuana seeds from?

We ship all our marijuana seed items from Canada to anywhere you are in the world. We will ship your order discretely and your personal and financial information are secured with us. We will destroy the information that you will provide us right after we process your order. Just because the price of our marijuana seeds are cheap doesn’t mean that they are low quality. We have worked with high quality marijuana breeders and growers who are providing us with the best marijuana strains seeds which we can sell for less in our website thus you will not only save money but become very satisfied with our seed products.

Do you have some freebies that will come with my marijuana seeds order?

Yes, we do offer some free marijuana seeds (10 seeds) for every $420+ purchase excluding shipping fee. This is one way of saying “thank you” for trusting us. If you order feminized seeds then we will also send you 5 free feminized marijuana seeds or you can choose to get 10 free regular seeds. All our free marijuana seeds are high quality handpicked by our experts. The free marijuana seeds are one way of showing you our best marijuana strains which you have tried growing or tested yet.